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All Hallows’ Eve


Hot stuff.


Madonna and child.

Happy Halloween to those of you who celebrate. I may not be attending any rowdy parties this year, but I had fun wearing this to work and to my doctor’s appointment. I made everything by hand after realizing that buying a pre-made ketchup tunic would put me out $30 and it still wouldn’t have the Sriracha label. Hand-painting felt takes forever. Don’t be like me and try to sew and paint everything in three weeks (with a work trip scheduled days before the costume is due.)

Thanks for indulging me in today’s silliness! I’ll be back to my regular rambling next week :)

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Workweek 10/20 – 10/24

This week in sartorial adventures: I’m still high from that Muji lookbook (and my flailing attempts at mimicking it) so I stuck to the blues this week. Not photographed: Monday, which was just black jeans and my olive Bridge and Burn Straat jacket.


Tuesday: Gap luxlight v-neck sweater (see Gap Eversoft version), old H&M men’s scarf, Uniqlo Ultra Stretch ankle jeans, old Puma Speeder IIs
Wednesday: Madewell oversized button-down shirt (similar length), Target Mossimo ankle stretch pants, Uniqlo Heattech socks, Clarks Charlie brogues
Thursday: old Forever 21 fleece peacoat, old Uniqlo cotton lawn tunic (throwback to last year w00t), Uniqlo Ultra stretch ankle jeans, Clarks Charlie brogues
Friday: Muji organic cotton wide count panel stripe long sleeved t-shirt, Uniqlo Ultra Stretch jeans, Gentle Souls by Kenneth Cole Gabby flats

Lots of dark pants this week; I need some variation. Maybe I’ll work the maxi skirt back in sometime next week, once I find my Heattech leggings. That work AC is no joke (where were you during our heatwave?! Figures.)

Not much to report this week. Am waiting for the weather to cool even more for the heavier knits. Right now the challenge is to be warm enough inside the office but to keep it to one or two layers at the most. I’ve been putting Heattech shirts under the buttondowns so I can just have a scarf or a light jacket. It keeps me warm despite the AC but when I go to lunch I can peel off the scarf and enjoy sitting outside without ruing the sun.

I’m just mostly excited about being able to wear socks again without my feet frying. Tuesday’s pants make me feel a bit like Fred Astaire:


Sock game strong. Actually, #menswear game strong.

Happy Friday to everyone! I’m looking forward to sweet coffee drinks and slow mornings; I hope you all have a restful weekend as well!

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So thanks to Valerie’s idea and a burst of energy over the weekend, I can present to you my silly little take on a “Muji” fall/winter collection. Warning: heavy plagiarization ahead. :P


From last week’s blog post.


My headless modelling career is on its way.

Tops: MUJI Women’s Organic Cotton Wide Count Panel Stripe Long Sleeve T-Shirt (in raw white and navy), JCrew Factory dotted chambray shirt, MUJI cable knit open cardigan, Lands End Supima cardigan (in gray), Lands End Wool Walker Coat (similar at Uniqlo), Uniqlo white oxford button down shirt, Uniqlo gray sweat pullover.

Bottoms: Uniqlo Ultra Stretch denim, Target Mossimo ankle pants, old Gap blue wrinkled polyester skirt, old H&M straight leg denim.

Shoes: Gentle Souls by Kenneth Cole Gabby flats, Clarks “Charlie” oxfords/brogues, Ecco Sculptured 45 Ankle Bootie (2014 model), Camper Right Nina flats, old Puma Speeder IIs.

I’m happy with how neat these three looked:


My favorite part of the look on the left are the polka-dotted Heattech socks. They kept my ankles adequately warm in 40F windy DC weather, so I’m happy to recommend them to folks. The chambray shirt under a breton–well, I don’t think I have the right materials; I would want a thinner chambray shirt and I should probably tuck the ends in. My striped shirt is also too long (here I have it folded under) and when I did it the way Muji did it in their catalog I just looked boxy and shapeless. Probably not for my body type, but some of you may have better luck than I did.

My Lands End walker coat will soon be getting some wear when it cools down some more in my part of town. I’ll share a story about that coat later on this year. Overall, I’m really excited about how my closet has grown and I hope that I can create some neat outfits from what I already own and not spend so much on foundation pieces this year (running-related expenses are taking over! T_T shoes)

It gives me no small delight to be able to do this with my closet. Thank you for indulging me in my little hobby; I hope you enjoyed it! :) Let me know what you think.

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Workweek 10/13 – 10/17

And another October week comes to a close. Gosh this year is flying by fast! There are ever so many things to do.


Monday: JCrew Factory dotted chambray shirt (thematically similar at Gap)
Tuesday: black Gap luxlight v-neck sweater (similar), Carhartt watch cap
Wednesday: MUJI colorblock wool cashmere cardigan, old H&M men’s scarf
Thursday: old JCPenney wrap sweater with waist tie, H&M L.O.G.G. cotton plaid shirt (flannel at Uniqlo)
Friday: gray Uniqlo sweat pullover, old Target patterned scarf

Shoes and pants: same ol’ Gentle Souls Gabby flats, Nike Lunarglide 5+, and Uniqlo Ultra Stretch ankle jeans

I’m definitely re-wearing Wednesday’s look: here’s what the sweater looks like when not obscured by the scarf. Honestly, half of the time I feel kind of silly writing these posts now, because as the weather cools all I’m doing is adding Heattech underneath or a scarf or potentially, dare I even hope, a coat later this month. Or maybe mid-November. I’ve been burned by the heatwaves of September and early October so I won’t believe it’s fall until it’s consistently below 70F throughout the whole day.

That Carhartt beanie is a conversation-starter and I enjoy seeing how people react to me while I’m in it. Some chuckle, some do double-takes, other make snarky remarks about my resembling traffic signs or hardware, etc. But I quite like my little orange cone. Some of the outdoorsy folk at work will talk to me about the brand and its reputation for durable clothing, and others just can’t get past the bright color. I personally like the psychology at play when this happens, because I make similar jokes when people wear neon-colored sneakers. Why do we ridicule people when they wear something that stands out? It’s also probably because my workplace is pretty traditional/corporate with a lot of older workers, so fashion is interpreted differently here. I technically ought not to be wearing orange hats but I need to do something different every once in a while or else I’ll be dull.

For those of you already wrapped in coats and chunky scarves…I wish I were there with you. Instead I am dancing at finally having some cloud cover and a cool wind while biking around town. Be well and enjoy your weekend!

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Muji Autumn/Winter 2014

I’m late to the party that is the Muji Autumn/Winter 2014 collection, but it is a lovely lookbook full of monochrome-y goodness. That was terrible. I’ll let these pictures speak for itself. I picked out my favorite looks–some of these I will definitely try to recreate with my own wardrobe.


Some of my favorites from the women’s collection.

I would wear ANY of these any day, all season. I like the rich blue skirt in the fourth look–it’s silk cotton; not sure how the washing instructions will be for that. Their wool cashmere sweater was supposedly machine-washable but it definitely shrank on me after cold-washing/air-drying. Must be more careful with wool blends, I suppose.


These three I can somewhat attempt to piece together from my own wardrobe. The look on the left is my favorite. I’ve got a gray open cable knit cardigan from the company itself that evokes that same charcoal chunky knit, I’ve got those Target ankle pants that will do for the sock-showing ankle grazing part (oh and there’s the long MUJI cardigan on the first shot of that collage.) Cannot wait! Even the shoes–remember my old Clarks brogues I was supposed to start wearing again, yeah–don’t forget this time Kristina. Time to dust those off and get them back in rotation; my poor Gentle Souls flats have been working hard all spring and summer and need some TLC.

I also really like the chambray under the breton shirt, though I’m not sure that what I currently own will work, as my chambray shirts are oversized. Also note the subtle double-scarf/shawl action in the bottom right picture. I already have that gray Uniqlo sweatshirt; all I need is to play with the scarves I have at home.

The men’s collection is just as delicious:


Hello my new crush.

I don’t know if I’m more excited about the clothes or the guy wearing them. Swoon at all the grays and blues in this year’s lookbook :)

I can’t wait to see this collection out in Hollywood! At any rate, I’m excited by the potential ideas the lookbook suggests–lots of cotton, denim, easy-going fabric, much layering/substitution potential meaning these looks can also be spring/summer-appropriate.

What colors and fabrics call to you in the fall season? Let me know what textures, cuts, or looks have inspired you lately; I like to see what others do!

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Workweek 10/6 -10/10

Nothing of import to note this week. Temperatures ARE cooling somewhat–barely–we still saw some high 80s-low 90s earlier this week, hence the mini skirts, but it’s cooled down some to where pants aren’t impossible.


Monday: JCrew Factory jacquard dot popover, old Gap striped skirt
Tuesday: Zara cropped sweater, Zella racerback tank, Cotton On mini skirt, Camper Nina flats (black only at Zappos right now)
Wednesday: Uniqlo AIRism scoopneck tee, INC International Concepts pull-on maxi skirt
Thursday: Zella racerback tank, Uniqlo Ultra Stretch ankle jeans in black, Nike Lunarglide 5+ in volt/gray
Friday: H&M L.O.G.G. textured oversized sweatshirt, Uniqlo Ultra Stretch ankle jeans in black, Crocs Meleen in black/gray

Tuesday and Thursday I biked to work, hence the sportier looks. I just swap the skirt/pants out for workout shorts. I guess this is why my shoes all look scuffed up at the toes–they get dragged with me wherever I go. Ah well. Eventually I will take them to get treated at the cobbler’s, especially the Gentle Souls pairs which are really dinged up at the toes and heels.

I can’t wait to unwind this weekend–I’ve done a lot of running and biking this week. Looking forward to going to the beach and thrashing in the surf followed by a shore-side nap. I tried to bring a book to read on the sand last Sunday but swimming happened instead. Have a lovely weekend and live well!

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Acquisitions: September 2014

As you may have heard me wail all month long, it’s been crazy warm in Southern California for the last few weeks, delaying my switch over to sweaters and keeping me firmly in “No Pants Week” at work (well, save for Monday in that link.) I didn’t do too bad this month–I kept a pretty close rein on expenditures, inspired by Kali’s shopping fast (here’s her latest update.) Here’s what I ended up buying for the month of September:


Crocs Meleen in black/gray, Casio A158W-1, Uniqlo Sweat Long Sleeve Pullover


Uniqlo sweatshirt, that beloved striped Gap skirt, and my new favorite sandals.

Of all the three items, the Crocs sandals were probably the most needed. I have a pair that I use at home, but I’ve been going to the beach quite often. It’s been cumbersome trying to remember to bring the sandals with me to work, where I leave straight for the beach, so I decided a few paychecks back that I would dedicate some finances toward a pair to store in my car. I first ordered the Cleo sandal from Amazon, but I don’t know if it’s just the sandal itself, but that particular design felt flimsy and non-supportive. I sent it back and went to the Crocs outlet near me and found the Meleen model. I might have paid a little more at the outlet: $34 with 20% off first purchase after joining the mailing list. It’s about $25 on Amazon. I’d usually go for the cheaper price, but my experience at the Crocs outlet versus buying them off of Amazon teaches me that even within the same model, production may influence fit and how firm the rubber feels on your foot. If you were to buy Crocs,  I suggest handling them in person before you buy, or at least buy from a seller that has good return policies.


I look like I’m chewing something, or I’m about to laugh.

I won’t wax poetic about my watch (the Casio A158W-1), but here I was doubting whether I’d like it or not. I love my little watch. It goes with me into the waves. It keeps time in the shower. I like the way it goes with everything I own, and yet I didn’t break the bank for it. It makes me feel cooler than I really am. I ended up gushing about it anyway, oh well! Let’s talk about the sweatshirt instead: it’s soft and comfortable inside! It’s got these small loops which I generally find to be itchy on my skin, but Uniqlo’s model is soft and light from day 1.

Overall I’ve been quite pleased with the last few purchases I’ve made–small treats like the watch and sweatshirt make life fun; the sandals support my hobby of flailing around in the surf and tracking sand everywhere. I find that being truly mindful of my motivation for wanting an item is helpful in identifying what I truly need vs. just having something to pass the time with. Often it’s boredom and a desire to go outside of the home and have some fun that prompts these online shopping sessions/mall crawls. Instead of going out to window shop (and subsequently spending,) I’ve been trying to replace it with grocery shopping to make food, or doing something physical like running, biking, hiking or swimming. It fulfills the need for being outside and I improve my skills. It may spur some purchases but I feel that activities and expenses related to self-improvement take priority over “swag” purchases.

Really what this all means is I give myself license to buy Nike running gear in the name of self-improvement. Heh. How are you all doing with the influx of FALL!FALL!FALL! marketing? I’m side-eyeing all the outerwear emails so hard; I won’t even get to wrap up until early November (maybe.)