Wardrobe update – 4Q 2015

Hello. It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I had a whole late fall blog post planned out (featuring these outfits), but life and the weather got in my way. This is now quite behind, but I hope you can still enjoy this late 2015 sampler micro-wardrobe: Tops: Black Gap V-neck sweater, gray tee, cream Zara open

Dinner with Irenia Supper Club

One of my hobbies lately is tracking the development and progression of this trend called the “Filipino Food Movement.” It’s a hashtag I’ve been using to promote my own culture’s food–more often when I eat out but also on the rare occasion when I cook something at home. I’m hoping Filipino food gets more traction

Some thoughts on clothing

It’s been a while since I’ve written one of these types of posts, mostly because I’ve attempted to do need-based purchasing as opposed to window shopping. Anyway, I don’t live in a minimalist vacuum, so in the last half of the year there have been some purchases and mistakes, so I’d like to talk about

En route

I need respite. These last few weeks have been full of #adulthood–the daily stresses of work, construction and disruption at the house, increasing responsibilities. I am doing my best to respond to all of them with poise and efficiency, but I need recharging time. As for blogging regularly, that seems to have gone awry these


The last few weeks have been incredibly busy, hence the slowdown of posts here. I think it’s probably easier to show you what I’ve been up to rather than to write about it, so here goes: I’m still drinking a pile of coffee. Not much of a surprise there. Post-coffee wandering around downtown Santa Ana.

Bakers and Baristas

It’s always nice to hear that a new shop is in town: Bakers and Baristas, a bakery/cafe/restaurant just opened up near my area. Conveniently located minutes away from Cerritos Mall, in the city of Artesia, California, Bakers and Baristas has an ambitious plan to serve coffee, weekend brunch, desserts, pastries, craft beer, wine, and a small bar