30 Day OOTDs: Friday 8/9


During downtime I often blather about style and clothing to my coworker, who is a kind soul for tolerating my harmless rambling. However today he came around the side of my cubicle and looked me critically up and down. “Your shoes are no good.” “How so?” “I don’t know, it looks strange with that shirt,” he pointed at my chambray button down. “Would it help if I put the blazer on? It’s navy.” “Nah, it’s off somehow. Maybe if you wore all black?”

I’m looking at the ensemble now, and I think he might have a point. The chambray makes the top half too blue. If I had on a white or navy shirt this shoe might’ve been ok. On a positive note, the shoes and tortoiseshell frames are picking up on the same mahogany hues, so there’s continuity there.

We shall revisit this loafer-and-indigo trend later. I’m fairly certain I can make this particular shade of reddish-brown work with navy. I will try again!

Blazer: JCrew Maritime Blazer in navy
Shirt: JCrew Factory Classic Button Down Shirt in dotted chambray
Pants: Target Mossimo ankle pants
Shoes: Cole Haan Laurel moccasins in sequoia


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