30 Day OOTDs: Monday 8/12


I got the inspiration for this outfit on Sunday night. As I put my clothes away, I found this sweater in one of my bins, buried under summer tee-shirts. The muted brown-gray, marled texture was right up my alley. This morning I grabbed these pants and the new loafers to test drive this look. I got a thumbs up at work from one of the ladies. “You look so New York with your sweater!”

Not exactly sure I’m quite up to NY chops, but I’ll take it! Every piece of encouragement and flattery helps.


The only bit about this sweater that bugs me is that giant exposed zipper on my shoulder. Long hair and zipper teeth do not mix. Not to mention the whole exposed zipper trend is still really prevalent and I feel like it kills a lot of potential good pieces just because the zipper is made a design element. Look, we get it, but can we go back to hiding them? The only saving grace of this particular sweater is the zipper is not in a contrasting color and it’s kind of hidden on the shoulder seam. You’d have to be right next to me to see it.

Sweater: Gap shoulder zip sweater
Pants: Target Mossimo ankle pants
Shoes: Cole Haan Laurel moccasins


4 thoughts on “30 Day OOTDs: Monday 8/12

  1. Love the color combo, top to bottom. Also the zipper makes the sweater unique- so do the pony tail right sided when you wear this.

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