What’s in your bag?

I’ve seen magazine spreads before where people showcase what they bring with them daily. I enjoy seeing what others think is essential to their daily life, so today I’m going to show you what I schlep around town–things I would rather not leave home without.

What's in your bag?

1. A notebook (this particular one is a soft cover Moleskine Pocket Notebook): because sometimes it’s faster and easier to write things down, especially ideas and grocery lists. Also, notebooks don’t require charged batteries.

2. Pens: my favorite kind are the Uniball Signo Gel Ballpens. I like the way it lays ink down on the paper, although it does take a while to dry–if you’re not careful you might smudge your writing.

3. Lens cleaning solution: can’t drive with dirty, streaky glasses.

4. Flash drive: now that I’m blogging more frequently, I keep a backup of my photos on me at all times, just in case inspiration strikes.

5. Listerine PocketPac Strips: not everyone likes these mints because they’re too strong, but I think Altoids are way stronger! To each his own.

6. Sunglasses (these are prescription Ray-Ban Clubmaster II): when you live in Southern California, you can’t help but own a pair. Or three. However, these are my only prescription ones, so it’s what ends up on my face nowadays.

7. Keys: not an “essential” per se, but I would cry pretty hard if I lost them. Also I would not be able to get back home and blog, so. Yup. ESSENTIAL.

8. iPhone: fairly self-explanatory. It’s my backup camera and the gateway to Uniformly Dressed’s Instagram account.

9. Wood comb (this one is from the Body Shop): the long-haired girl (or guy)’s best friend! Wood somehow causes less static when I brush my hair. Thank goodness! And the wide-set teeth of the comb are good for working out tangles.

10. Chapstick: rocking cherry since middle school. If they could make a Chapstick with a tad more color I’d be ecstatic. Do you have any lip color suggestions that don’t dry your lips out?

11. IDs and cash! (wish I had more of the latter.)


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