30 Day OOTDs: Tuesday 8/13

When I was younger, I had an aversion to gingham. It didn’t help that the only gingham I’d seen was in pastel and it was worn by older women under sweater sets. Dorothy’s (of Wizard of Oz fame) pale blue gingham just didn’t look good on my skin tone either. Years later, I saw other colors of gingham become more prevalent in mens’ and women’s shirting, and I learned the error of my judgmental ways. Now I’m a big fan.

Goes to show you should never write things off at the first sight. Maybe a different iteration of the same trend might be more to your liking. I learned this lesson with chambray as well.


The sleeves on the shirt are a little too long, but in practice I take the blazer on and off at work and roll up the sleeves as necessary, so it doesn’t really become an issue till I look at it here. But to be more correct, it should end a little higher on my hand, about mid-palm or a little higher, closer to the wrist. I can live with a little extra length until I can afford to get all my clothes tailored.


A closer look at the JCrew Maritime Blazer and the JCrew Factory Classic Buttondown Shirt. I really like this ponte knit blazer so far. It is soft but the weight of the fabric is heavy enough to smooth down your silhouette and yet not cling in weird places. Fortunately for me the medium’s sleeve length fits just right (jackets usually have far too long arms for my frame.) I also like the two real pockets on either side of the jacket. Pockets are important!

While this size of gingham check is fine in this ensemble, my preference is for a smaller, more subtle check, perhaps in black and white, or a darker navy. I am petite, so I feel like this size pattern is on the border–any bigger and it would overwhelm me.

Blazer: JCrew Maritime Blazer (final sale here)
Shirt: JCrew Factory Classic Buttondown Shirt in navyย check
Pants: Target Mossimo ankle pants
Shoes: Gentle Souls by Kenneth Cole “Gabby” in black


7 thoughts on “30 Day OOTDs: Tuesday 8/13

  1. Am a fan of blue, love the color combo. Agree how the blazer material allows it to fall well and enhance the wearer’s figure by not revealing the rolls.

  2. Awesome review. You look great in the maritime. I usually just push my sleeves up, which feels very comfortable in this ponte knit. Great pics, too, btw. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Wow, I really love your style. Its sort of tomboy/femme; very french. I have a few of the same pieces and I feel so inspired to go mix and match them now. Also, the topknot looks great on you.

    1. Thank you so much! I don’t really know what to call my “style” but I think tomboy-girl? works. I basically go around complaining that I want dude clothes cut for chicks, haha!

      If I could have awesome shirting that didn’t gap at the breasts, or slim cut pants that accommodated for hips, and outerwear for petite but curved people–I’ll be happy. Oh and nice non-neon leather shoes.

      Didn’t mean to rant there. ๐Ÿ˜€ Can’t wait to see your mixing-and-matching; hope you’ll drop by and share when you do!

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