30 Day OOTDs: Wednesday 8/14

Today our company had its annual summer picnic in the park. We had tacos for lunch. I like tacos. Don’t really care for too much tortilla, but I like me salsa, meat, and rice. Mmm tacos. I wore pants in the morning but switched to shorts knowing we’d be outdoors in the heat. It was a good choice. I also ended up lugging the camera out for a group photo (the first of its kind in more than 10 years!) Even though not everyone was present, I think we all still had fun. So many people were asking me to come up and take photos of them–I guess in a party mood people like to goof off with their coworkers too.


These shoes give me a mean ol’ shoe tan!


A close up on this shirt’s double polka dot motif: Printed blue dots as well as the raised dots of the jacquard fabric.

Shirt: JCrew Factory Polka Dot Popover
Shorts: JCrew Polka Dot Linen Short
Shoes: Gentle Souls by Kenneth Cole “Gabby” in pewter


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