30 Day OOTDs: Sunday 8/18

I call this one my summer jailbird outfit. Today was day 2 of gross hot. I woke up in the morning thinking I would maybe go and wash the car, and meet my friends for a leisurely lunch. Didn’t happen. Not only did yesterday’s activities wipe me out, but I didn’t want to frolic in the oven known as the outdoors. I’m sure I’m blowing this up to be far worse than it was–compared to other states, Southern California got off easy. I just don’t like hot temperatures! Cool weather dressing is so much easier. With heat, you’ll reach a point where you can’t really take off any more clothes (or can you?) without being indecent, and I don’t roll that way.


I am glad I opted to stay home and sleep. Week 2 of the OOTD challenge is over–only 14 more outfits to go. I don’t think I’ll run out of ideas, but there will definitely be a lot of repeats or slight variations on a theme.

Shirt: old Heritage 1981 (Forever 21) stripe crop top
Shorts: Gap striped jersey shorts
Shoes: old Puma Speeders


4 thoughts on “30 Day OOTDs: Sunday 8/18

  1. Outfit looks truly “airy” and comfy. Despair not, summer is leaving soon.
    Real life dressing are variations of a theme we choose. We may deviate here and there inspired by some fashion inspiration, but return to a comfort zone.

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