30 Day OOTDs: Monday 8/19

Back to the grind already; it feels like I barely even had a weekend! Time just blinks on by. To help with the general disdain for Mondays, I whipped out the newest shirt in my arsenal. It soothes my indigo-loving soul.


OK, fine, I just really like the color blue. Navy. Cerulean. Indigo. Dark blue. I wear it a lot. Pardon the totally-cliche-smile-to-the-side-what-ARE-you-looking-at pose. I was told my 45 degree stances were a tad repetitive, so here’s some variation ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve also begun to try looking directly at the camera, which is awkward as all hell. Oh well.


Here’s a closer look at the pattern on my shirt–the boy shirt in embroidered polka dot from JCrew. I bought my usual size in JCrew buttondowns. When I ordered it was a bit loose everywhere, but after low heat on the dryer it fits a lot closer to the body without being snug. The embroidered polka dots go through to the other side of the fabric, and as you can see in the rolled up sleeves. Not sure how or why the color of the fabric differs on each side; it must be a weaving technique. The dots are slightly raised on both sides, but the embroidery isn’t itchy or annoying. The cloth is very soft and comfortable. I anticipate wearing this shirt often.

It’s blue, it’s got dots, it’s comfortable, and keeps me covered up in our usually cold office. Sold!

Shirt: JCrewย boy shirt in embroidered polka dot
Pants: Target Mossimo ankle pants
Shoes: Gentle Souls by Kenneth Cole “Gabby” in pewter


9 thoughts on “30 Day OOTDs: Monday 8/19

    1. Gigi, that would be a lovely “Let’s Talk” topic: different types of fabric, how they’re made, and what garments they’re used in! Just a thought ๐Ÿ™‚ and thanks for dropping by!

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