30 Day OOTDs: Tuesday 8/20


A few things about yesterday’s look:

  1. Though I don’t really constantly move around and carry things at work, I really appreciate a pair of pants with REAL pockets that can fit a phone, or pens and a little post-it pad on the other. I don’t know why most women’s dress pants are constructed with little faux-pockets. How utterly useless and annoying (why would you put fake details just for the look?!) I don’t understand that fashion, which is why I lean toward menswear for inspiration.
  2. I switched out the shoes at the last minute to see how the mocs would look with this set up–not bad. What do you think, does the brown ruin the whole scheme?

It was pretty warm yesterday, so I was baking in my sweater as I shot these.


Closeup of the Lands End Fine Gauge Supima Cardigan and Long Sleeve No Iron Pinpoint Shirt. Both are in Petite sizing, or else you’ll never find my arms or hands. I am well-pleased with Lands End’s petite workwear offerings. It’s not the most exciting cardigan, but I’m super OK with that. I don’t want a bedazzled sweater, and cashmere is beautiful but I neither have the time nor patience for its upkeep. Their cotton cardigans satisfy my machine-wash only mantra for all clothes. I know this limits the range of looks I can achieve, but not until I have the income to support a huge dry clean bill can I really afford to have finer fabrics in my closet. Anyway, back to the tops: if you need a clean, fitted, white oxford top, no frills shirt: time your purchasing and you can get these oxford shirts at around $15-20 after sales.

The cardigan is pretty standard, although it does tend to lose its shape after a few wears. I think the new Supima blend influences this, because previous iterations of the sweater were better at retaining shape and fighting off wrinkles at the placket. I hope Lands End goes back to the older blend, because I really like the shape and quality of the previous style.

Sweater: Lands End Fine Gauge Supima Cardigan
Shirt: Lands End Long Sleeve No Iron Pinpoint Shirt
Pants: Target Mossimo ankle pants
Shoes: Cole Haan Laurel moccasins


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