30 Day OOTDs: Wednesday 8/21


Here is the second of my maritime blazers from JCrew. This is the maritime blazer in stripe. It fits just like the one in navy, good sleeve length and shoulder fit, has two pockets to hold my incidental work stuff. The only caveat on the striped maritime is this is supposedly dry clean only. I haven’t checked the fabric blends on this but I hope I can launder them on gentle cycle as I plan to do to the plain navy one. Then again, last time I disregarded dry clean hints on a label, I ended up washing out the sheen on an expensive shirt because I insisted it would be ok in the wash. So maybe I ought to just stick with the instructions like a smart girl.

Nothing further to report. A fond goodnight, everyone!

Blazer: JCrew Maritime Blazer in Stripe
Tee: old Forever 21 basic v-neck tee in berry
Pants: Target Mossimo ankle pants
Shoes: Cole Haan laurel moccassins


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