On the hunt: pants for work

I am on the hunt for (black) work pants. My current pants are very heavily used and I don’t want to make a mad search for new ones when these fall apart. My criteria is very simple:

1. Price range: under $60 including any possible alterations.
2.  slim/straight-type cut. I feel like bootleg/flared cut makes me look shorter. Ankle, slim, straight is fine; short inseams welcomed (so I don’t have to get it hemmed)
3. The pants should have functional front pockets that can fit my iPhone.

Yesterday I scoured some nearby stores and tried on their offerings.

1. Target Mossimo Women’s Ankle Pants, $27.99
In the regular size, 8 was a little snug at the waist (but decent at the thighs), and 10 was comfortable on the waist but the thighs sagged badly. There was a lot of slouching and folding behind the knees and at my hamstrings.

I liked the feel of the fabric and the overall stretch and comfort of this pair though, so I might go and try this in the 10P size to see if that will help lessen the slouching at the thighs.

Target Mossimo Ankle Pants
Pockets were sewn shut when I tried them on, but when I looked inside the pants, they seemed big enough to fit the phone and a couple of pens.

2. The Limited Extra Stretch Bootcut Pants, sale $39.99
The store I went to only had size 10 with the Short inseam (30″) available, no size 8 Short. The 10 Short was too long for the shoes I planned to wear it with; it would need an inch or two off the hem, and the 10 was loose in the waist. I’m probably an 8 in this. If I wore a lot of fitted sweaters or thin knits, I would consider the bootcut, but I think my button downs look better with a slim leg. I’m already fairly thick up top; I don’t need fullness at the bottom as well.

Pockets fit the iPhone, but barely. I think the poly lining of the pockets will cause the phone to slip out when I sit down.

The Extra Stretch fabric felt comfortable enough, though rougher than the Target pant. If there were any Skinny-cut 8 Shorts I could try, I would have considered this line of pants, but I’m not keen on them enough to order online.

3. Gap Slim Cropped Pants, $49.95
Tried on a 8 Regular; too narrow in the hips and waist. 10 Regular fit the waist/hip but again I was confronted with bagginess in the legs. Too many wrinkles in the thigh at the back. The sales associate recommended trying 10 Petite. The 10 Regular is not a “cropped” length” for me but it rests rather nicely over the top of my shoe. If these ever went on a sale online for $25-30 I might bite, but for now I don’t want to deal with the hassle of online ordering.

Pockets are too small. When I tried to get my fingers between the sewn opening to feel for the end of the pocket, I thought, “Skittles. I can put Skittles in my pockets.”

4. New York and Company Crosby Street Double Stretch Mini Bootcut Pant, $46.95

I tried on an 8 Petite. The fabric was very lightweight, almost a little sheer when I did the sit-down and squat test (to see if I would be “cracking” in the back, if you know what I mean.) The fit in the crotch was all wrong; it wanted to give me a front wedgie. Otherwise the waist and thigh fit was comfortable and the inseam was spot on, but the weird crotch fit and bootcut leg gives me pause.

Everything fit except the crotch. The pockets were deep but the thin fabric showed everything, even my skin (when stretched.)
Everything fit except the crotch. The pockets were deep but the thin fabric showed everything, even my skin (when stretched.)

And there you have the first half of my quest for sleek, serviceable black work pants! I will keep searching and definitely update once I have found a pair.

Talk to me! What would you like to add to your own wardrobe? Share your tips and tricks below.


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