30 Day OOTDs: Friday 8/23


After a long Thursday that seemed interminable, and an exciting day at work today (we rescued an injured hummingbird! and IT gave us all new computers and monitors!) the weekend begins. I write this on my way to dinner with friends. I cannot wait to spend Saturday unwinding and going out on a little adventure.


This is my Casual Friday look. I didn’t think I could take being too warm in jeans so I went for the lightest colored things I have in my closet. This Forever 21 shirt was an anomaly in terms of style for that esteemed store. I usually pass up on most of their offerings but this was simple and comfortable enough to the touch. I bought one in navy as well. Perfect for warm days. You can see the faint outline of the white tank top I wore–I will try to find a nude camisole for the next time, so the lines are even cleaner.

And so the weekend begins!

Shirt: old Forever 21 flowy white cotton blouse
Pants: Target Mossimo ankle pants
Shoes: Gentle Souls by Kenneth Cole “Gabby” in pewter


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