30 Day OOTDs: Sunday 8/25

And so Week 3 comes to a close. Today was a rest day full of sleep, editing photos, and reading. LA’s jaunt left me with a bit of a headache the next day from staying out too long in the heat and not hydrating enough, so I stayed home, ate and drank water. It was good to rest. Then for dinner I went out for fish tacos with my friends, came home, and prepped some articles for Uniformly Dressed as well my personal photography blog, Picturing Kipi.

On weekends I get pretty lazy, so here’s that Gap striped skirt one more time:



I like this picture of myself because while I was trying not to squint at the camera (the patio is very bright!), it ended up being kind of a smoulder/fashion-smirk. I’ll take it!

Shirt: old Forever 21 Essentials blouse
Skirt: Gap zipback striped skirt
Shoes: Gentle Souls for Kenneth Cole “Gabby”


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