30 Day OOTDs: Tuesday 8/27

One of my coworkers wore a crisp white oxford shirt in to work the other day and she had done the JCrew “roll” on her sleeves. We had a nice giggle and chat about wash-and-wear work clothes for women. Today I decided to wear my decidedly less crisp (hey, I take these pictures when I get home, for uber-realism) shirt and black pants combo to work.




I hope it won’t be TOO hot this weekend. A little breeze would be wonderful.

Shirt: Lands End No Iron Pinpoint Oxford
Pants: Target Mossimo ankle pants
Shoes: Gentle Souls by Kenneth Cole “Gabby”


4 thoughts on “30 Day OOTDs: Tuesday 8/27

    1. Hi Jee! My friend and I love your blog btw; I found it after I had attended a tea party (and because of the JCrew roll tutorial) so it was awesome seeing 2 things very pertinent to my interests.

      Your tea snack pictures make us want to host another tea party again! Keep up the great work!

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