30 Day OOTDs: Wednesday 8/28


There’s nothing like a blisteringly hot summer’s day to remind you of the importance of comfortable clothing. This Uniqlo cotton lawn tunic is light, breathable, and loose–because the last thing you need on a summer day is restrictive, synthetic fabric. I don’t think anyone at work this week has had their sleeves down. I wore the navy maritime blazer over this when I moved to the more air-conditioned areas, but I barely needed it at all.


If you can’t really tell, I have a head full of hair I don’t know how to style, so it usually ends up in 3 positions: completely loose, in a low ponytail, or this hack-job-of-a-bun-or-knot that I lasso into submission. Enjoy. Please throw your easy long-hair styling links at me, so maybe I can jazz it up every once in a while.

Oh, and yesterday I totally bit on those Target pants I was contemplating a week ago (a little earlier than September, I know.) Today was my first day wearing them! I decided to retry the size 8; the pair I picked up seemed to fit fine and didn’t have that huge saggy thigh that the size 10 had. It’s got room in the waist but I better not eat any more crème brûlée or it won’t be pretty.

I bought two of the black ankle pants and wore the first pair today. Can I just say “POCKETS!” Super awesome DEEP pockets. I’ll write a full comprehensive review of the pants after a few day’s wear and the first wash.

Shirt: old Uniqlo cotton lawn print tunic in navy check
Pants: the new Target Mossimo ankle stretch pants
Shoes: Gentle Souls by Kenneth Cole “Gabby”

P.S. I’m rocking serious Asian grandma hair in the second picture.


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