Trip to Warby Parker x Standard Readery

On Saturday I went to The Standard Hotel in downtown Los Angeles specifically to visit The Readery, Warby Parker’s “newsstand” of frames and good books. I’ve been mulling over getting a new pair of frames and friends that I polled said they were happy with their Warby Parkers. Here’s what the little stand looks like:


It’s pretty amazing that they managed to store all of the company’s inventory in that little stall, and then some. The Readery even has its own exclusive-to-the location frames. I brought a list of styles I saw from the website to try, but not all of my desired frames looked good/fit well on me. The staff working at the Readery told me this was common. “Just pull the one you like and try it on,” said the salesladies. So after exhausting my list and finding some new ones to try, these are the six candidates based on fit:


1. Mallory: I’m wearing the blue marblewood here. I’m surprised that it fit and was comfortable, but the size is too cartoonish for my face. I do like the detail at the corners though.

2. Willoughby: I like the split, but I think it’s too masculine for me. I wanted the softer and smaller Zagg, but it didn’t fit on my face at all.

3. Wilkie: the only rectangular pair out of the whole lineup that I tried that actually fit me. Not sure that I like it to be so angular, but the fit was good.

4. Chandler: I love the shape, but it was a little tight at the temples. I like it in Pinot Noir.

5. Marshall: this looks like a trimmed down version of what I already wear (my gray specs), but much lighter in weight.

6. Begley: pictured here in Cedar Tortoise. This was comfortable and light. I like it a lot but am unsure about whether round works on my face.

I learned a lot about fit from the two people working the stand! Here are the most important:

– It shouldn’t pinch at the temples–the frame is probably too narrow. Arms cannot be adjusted to become wider at the temples.

– Where it sits on your face is important. Eyes should rest in the middle of the frame. 

– Folks with shallow nose bridges like me will contend with pushing glasses up nose. Find one with nose pads or one that holds on to your face well.

With that being said, I think my top choices for my first Warby Parker order are as follows: the ChandlerBegley, or the Wilkie. I really like the shape of the Chandler and Begley on me, but the Wilkie is nice to have because it’s classic, narrow, and in my opinion not as dramatically huge as the other two on my face. Before I decide, I will probably research some more and either pay a visit to the main store at The Standard in Hollywood, or get the home try-on kit to retry them before I purchase.

I’m really excited to order from the company; I received great customer service and the product seems on par with what I could order from an optical store. I will do a follow-up post when that happens. In the meantime, I ask you–have you ever ordered from an online retailer like Warby Parker, or How was your experience?


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