30 Day OOTDs: Friday 8/30

Happy Labor Day Weekend! Who’s ready to sweat?


I kid. But I AM half serious about scoping out where I can hang out for free AC. I wanted to go out this weekend somewhere for a day trip, but the gas and the fact that it will be hotter than Hades (or so I imagine) is keeping me lazy and unmotivated to go exploring. For now, I am kicking off the 3-day weekend with this JCrew Factory classic button-down shirt in dotted chambray.


It’s a lovely shirt, as you can tell by my happy. The Medium fits well, the fabric is a nice mid-weight that is neither too warm or too thin. Chambray isn’t really meant to be starched and pressed IMO, so I just grab it out of the dryer as soon as I can and hang it up to prevent major wrinkling. I really didn’t think much of chambray a year ago when there was an overflow of Western-style shirts (see the pockets on this denim shirt. Not my jam.) Now that I’m seeing more plain-front options, I can finally try it out and I like it enough. It’s not an every day work option for me, but I appreciate the nod to Americana.

Back to the shirt. Love the subtle polka-dot print; it’s there but hardly flashy. Everything was going great till I noticed a few things, at about 2 months of wear: after taking it off one day, I dropped a button. No big deal, found it, sewed it back on. But then when I went to check the other buttons, about 40% were on their way to losing structural integrity. Luckily I was already armed with needle and thread, so it was easy to address.

Today I found this after work:


A busted armpit seam! Luckily it was just a fold of some sort, the hole didn’t go through all the way. But come on JCrew, and JCrew Factory–I’ve only owned this shirt for less than 6 months and it’s already falling apart. This is disappointing. On the right is my hack job fix. It looks pretty raised and bumpy, but I swear it doesn’t look too glaringly obvious on me (thanks Grandma for lending me some thread!) The fix will do, but now it’s just a countdown to the next repair job on this shirt.ย All is well now, since it’s been dealt with, but I’ll have to keep an eye on my purchases and see whose brand’s workmanship can stand the “rigors” of my (exciting) life.

Shirt: JCrew Factoryย classic button-down shirt in dotted chambray.
Pants: new Target Mossimo ankle stretch pants
Shoes: Gentle Souls by Kenneth Cole “Gabby”


8 thoughts on “30 Day OOTDs: Friday 8/30

  1. Full smile looks good on you! And not bad for a shirt rehab. Save, and use for as long as possible. Good for classic fashion and for Mother Earth.

  2. I’ve had the rip or the tear, but never both in a garment. Next time you should take it to the store for an exchange or return. I save all of my email confirmations & in-store receipts in case I have an issue like that. Thanks for a thorough review ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. It was an online purchase, unfortunately. And the rip wasn’t until later on after a few washes. I somewhat wish a Factory store were close to me. Thanks for the future tips Gigi!

  3. That’s a hassle, then. You could always call and deal with it over the phone. They can send you a postage so you don’t have to pay, and then send another one to you. There are ways to work it if you want, in the future ๐Ÿ˜‰

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