30 Day OOTDs: Saturday 8/31

So my plan to avoid the heat has been mostly effective–except my wallet did not escape damage this weekend. Today I hid out at the mall, but in the five minutes it took to walk from the car to the entrance I broiled. I thought I covered my bases with this skirt and a tee, but it was still too warm! When I saw other women walking around the shops looking super comfortable in maxi dresses, my desire for breezy light cotton prevailed over willpower. Behold:


H&M’s Basics line is as straightforward and plain as it gets, which is right up my alley. This is a simple maxi dress with a slight body-con (body conscious, or close-fitting) cut. The curving along the hips help keep it from looking too much like a maternity dress/muu-muu.


It’s light and comfortable and it didn’t seem too sheer, though I can’t really tell when it’s on me. Use the appropriate undergarments, of course. I now have another silhouette to play with which is not bad considering the minimal investment. I can layer it with tees, shirts, or cardigans up top as the weather transitions from summer to fall.

Dress: H&M Basics maxi dress (similar)
Shoes: Gentle Souls by Kenneth Cole “Gabby”
Necklace: old Madewell arrowhead necklace (thematically similar: arrowstack necklace)


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