30 Day OOTDs: Monday 9/2

Yesterday was a smashing success in that:

1. I woke up earlier than 8 am
2. Sashimi for lunch + danishes from Hamada-Ya Bakery
3. I got to feel sub-70F temps for the first time in three weeks! (at least for an hour, but it was enough to calm me down.)


As I drove from inland Orange County toward the coast on the 55, that lovely marine layer wove its way onto the street until I was surrounded in it. When I got to the pier at around 8, it seems a whole bunch of people had the same idea as I did–get to the beach before everyone else. However, the quiet mist seemed to envelop the morning and despite this walkway being fairly busy, I still felt peace hearing the waves and feeling the breeze sweep the pier.


Humidity and frizz aside, it was a great way to spend the Labor Day observance. After feeling cooped up and overheated at home for the last few days, it felt good to escape to cool even if only for an hour. Best $1.50 in parking fees spent.

Back to the grind today. Nowhere but onward to go.

Shirt: old JCrew Factory suckered gingham buttondown
Inner tee: Target Mossimo juniors v-neck tee
Shorts: Gap jersey striped shorts
Shoes: Crocs Patricia II sandals

P.S. Yes, Croc sandals. I wasn’t about to dunk any of my other shoes in sand, and the Crocs dust/wash off like a dream. Luckily the Patricia II’s don’t look too garden shoe-ish, and the foot bed is supportive and comfortable. The only thing I would have done over is buy a non-wedge/heeled version–the Patricias have a slight wedge/platform that makes long-distance walking in these intolerable (for me.) I’ve owned these Crocs for more than 5 years now and they’re still in great shape.


2 thoughts on “30 Day OOTDs: Monday 9/2

  1. I like the striped shorts/gingham shirt pattern combo!

    I’ve seen a few mentions of Saltwater sandals on some of the blogs I follow, and I’m thinking about it. I hate to tear up my nice shoes at beach or lake, but I usually feel so clumsy in flip flops.

    1. I’ve wanted to try those too–but I think when I did some preliminary research on them people were saying if you’ve got small feet (which I do) you can try the larger kids’ sizes as well. I have yet to find a local or online retailer where I can try them on without penalty.

      If you do get them let me know how the fit goes ๐Ÿ™‚ I wonder if those ever go on sale…

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