Inspiration: back to blue

Bonjour! I am done with OOTDs for the time being, so here’s something new to look at: these are photographs I derive sartorial inspiration from. Today’s inspiration is the deep and rich color of indigo, which I’ve been actively trying to propagate in my own closet.


Gray and blue is another good combination. I need to find a low-profile sneaker in navy/black/gray. My current Nike Lunarglide 4 running shoes make my feet look too big in anything but pants.


A full skirt with a white oxford shirt, in a soft cotton or linen, nude or silver flats.


I particularly like how clean this looks. I think I can definitely wear this to work.

blue gingham

Lovely colors!


2 thoughts on “Inspiration: back to blue

  1. This is a great idea. I use Pinterest for the same reason. I can sort of cultivate pictures of the look I’m going for, then look over it before I make shopping decisions. Its really helped me focus on what I want my style to be and not get distracted by trends or pretty colors, or clothes that look great on other people.

    1. These were totally culled from or stored to Pinterest ๐Ÿ™‚ I agree with you in that it’s great to work out style ideas on Pinterest before investing in wardrobe pieces. It helps me get over that mad urge to spend spend spend.

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