OOTD: Saturday 9/14/13

Early Saturday morning I hoofed it to Torrance, CA for the first Ramen Yokocho festival featuring 12+ ramen shops from various states as well as Japan. It was very well-attended–the line was already snaking around the building when I arrived a half-hour before the event started. It took about one and a half hours from entry to my first (and only) bowl of ramen from the day from Kitakata Ramen Ban-nai, a famous ramen chain from Kitakata, Japan.

By a bubbling (man-made) brook at the Torrance Civic Center’s Pine Wood Garden.
Too bright and sunny for ramen, but it was still a good day.

Later in the afternoon I went over to photograph food for my friend’s school project. During downtime I decided I’d pop downstairs for a few quick snaps. Thanks to Aimeeย for lending me a tripod and to Brian for coaching. I had forgotten my remote at home. Teaches me a lesson–always pack the full kit when I’m going out somewhere, you never know when you might spot a cool background!


I’m including this just because my hair looks AWESOME. I didn’t even know it had looped and curled till I looked at the shot.

Shirt: Target Mossimo juniors v-neck tee
Dress: H&M Basics maxi dress
Shoes: Gentle Souls by Kenneth Cole “Gabby”


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