Review: Bridge and Burn “Straat Olive” jacket

After oohing and ahhing over bomber jackets for the last three weeks, I finally got myself a “bomber” style jacket from Portland company Bridge and Burn. It’s called the Straat Olive, and here I’m wearing a Medium.

Bridge and Burn Straat Olive
Front and side view of the Straat Olive.

It’s a really neat, solid little jacket. I picked it out of the entire lineup I posted a few days ago because it has 6 pockets–4 on the exterior, 2 interior, it’s the deepest olive and least “army green” out of all the jackets, and it’s a nice mid-thickness jacket that will serve me well for travel (because of the interior pockets) and for Southern California’s mild winters.

View of the red/white polka dot lining, Bridge and Burn label, and 2 interior pockets.

The jacket is 100% cotton, lightly lined, with rib knit cuffs and waist. It’s very well constructed–the seams and stitching feel pretty solid, though I did see and pick off a few loose threads. Not a big deal. The zipper is sturdy and pulls smoothly. Though the cotton of the jacket is somewhat stiff, I anticipate it should soften with wear. I haven’t washed it yet, since I’ve only had it for two days, but I’ve test-driven it to work and after hours and it is warm and comfortable to wear. I just wish the inner lining were silk or polyester so it just glides against my shirts–putting the jacket on/taking it off requires a little wiggling because the cotton lining drags against other cotton fabrics.


The only slight disappointment is the wideness of the shoulders in the Medium. I’m a tricky fit because while the rest of my torso is “regular” sized, my shoulders and arms are in Petite lengths. So I usually deal with overly long-sleeves and getting a perfect shoulder fit without compromising the torso is difficult. I can’t go down to the Small because I feel like this jacket won’t zip shut across my chest and hips at that point, and a Large would be oversized and frumpy. I love the rest of this jacket otherwise, but there’s an extra inch or two in the shoulders that I can see in the mirror that detracts from my total satisfaction with this garment.

I would have ordered mine from the Bridge and Burn website directly, but they were out of Mediums in the Olive. Sarah and Audrey from Bridge and Burn pointed me in the direction of Slash Denim, a boutique in Berkeley, CA. I spoke with Julie from Slash and she shipped me this jacket last Friday and it got here on Monday. Excellent over-the-phone service and quick easy shipping via USPS. I’m very pleased and I would definitely recommend Slash to people up in the Bay Area–if you’re looking for a sweet pair of jeans, or you want to try some of Bridge and Burn’s many outerwear offerings, get thee to Slash!

I really like my jacket so far and I can’t wait to start mixing it in with the rest of my wardrobe!


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