OOTD: Wednesday 9/25/13

Some days just aren’t my days–this week was a prime example of that. I just want the week to end soon so I can sleep in and work on some photographs. I refresh myself by eating well and experiencing new things (or new settings), so I look forward to the weekend when I can just unwind.

In other news, the weather seems to be cooling down, but it’s still quite warm in the afternoon. It will probably be another two months before I’ll switch out for the sweaters and long tees. Summer never really leaves Southern California (which is actually a blessing if you ask anyone who doesn’t live here), so I’ll probably leave a pair of shorts out for the week it’s 75F in December.

Anyway, since it’s cooler right now (from 90-95F to low 70s! hooray) I’ve been happily ensconced in my Bridge and Burn jacket.

In tennis shoes after work. Lazing around the block before dinner.

The pockets are my favorite part of the entire jacket. I have so many to choose from! I can finally go out to dinner without a purse–if I wanted to. And the interior pockets are nice and deep–I could fit a small Moleskine in there if I so desired.


I love how plain this jacket is. The heavy cotton is just right for the slight cool we get in Orange County. I’ll be able to layer warmer fabric if I need to later, but for now this is just about perfect coverage.

Jacket: Bridge and Burn Straat Olive
Shirt: JCrew boy shirt in embroidered polka dotย (my review of this shirt here)
Pants: Target Mossimo ankle pants


8 thoughts on “OOTD: Wednesday 9/25/13

  1. Love the jacket’s exterior simplicity. The interior deep pockets will be good for stuff when one travels. Just keep a mindful eye that nothing drops as it goes through Xray scanning.

  2. Still loving the jacket. I had one of those days this week, too. I went and bought myself a cheese and baguette. It made the world right again, at least as long as the cheese held out.

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