OOTD: Saturday 9/28/13

I’ve been fairly good at keeping to my word thus far about buying clothing primarily for work (where I spend 80% of my week anyway), but sometimes I want to have something different for the weekend. Button downs and pants are great for feeling fresh and crisp, but I delight in comfort on my days off.

I bought that H&M maxi dress on a whim and I’ve been having fun thinking up ways to wear it. So far here’s what I’ve come up with–

1. Layering a button down or tee over it, knotted at the waist
2. Wearing a plain black v-neck under the dress, thereby making it a sleeved dress (I’ll take a picture of this one in October sometime.)
3. On its own

Last weekend I went to H&M and found this slub sweatshirt from the L.O.G.G. department (their “outdoorsy” casual section.) I wanted a comfortable and cozy look, but layered in case the heat spiked up during the afternoon. Our California weather is hinting at cool, but it’s still mostly warm throughout the day. Easily removable layers is the way to deal with the outside temperatures while having something for the heavily-air conditioned indoors.


I tried to wear a long necklace, but the clasp kept tangling in my hair throughout the day. As much as I want some ornamentation around my neck, I like keeping my hair intact better.


You can see the texture of the sweater a little better here. Some slub knits get itchy on the inner side, so I get really picky about which ones I buy. I was able to try on the sweater in-store but they didn’t have my size, so I went online for the correct one. I’ll have to remember not to dry this one; I think it already shrank a little bit from when I first bought it (it was definitely tunic length at first, but now I wouldn’t wear it with just leggings–needs more butt coverage.)

I’m already looking forward to 5:00 pm Friday and the week has barely begun. May I be excused from the rest of the week to curl up under a window instead?

Dress: H&M Basics maxi dress
Sweatshirt: H&M sweatshirt in slub yarn
Shoes: Gentle Souls by Kenneth Cole “Gabby” in pewter


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