OOTD: Saturday 10/5/13

I’m going to be terribly boring and talk about the weather in Southern California, which has been fairly perplexing as of late. Random coolness in the mornings, howling dry Santa Ana winds in early October. I knew the winds were coming, but I don’t think I’ve ever noticed them as distinctly as I do this year (or maybe I just conveniently forget after a year or so.) It’s dry. And warm. My car has leaves and twigs in every nook and cranny, and while I don’t have allergies I do find it somewhat difficult to breathe with the decreased humidity.

As you can see below I’m still solidly entrenched in my long-skirt wearing weekend alter-ego. I think my self-image is still fluid and I’m having fun experimenting within a set of parameters I’ve established for myself, i.e. work-Kristina is about looking professional, clean, dependable, hence the heavy lean on menswear-palettes and cuts, but the weekend is where I really get to have fun. I suppose you could say it’s a way to let my other “personas” express themselves. Behold the skirt-wearing me.


Skirt-wearing Kristina is an idealized iteration of a self whose life I desire. In these clothes I imagine myself to have a life of lounging around the home in loose comfortable clothes, reading, drawing, editing photos to pass the time; eating good food and visiting places of art/creativity to refresh the mind and spirit, and hanging out with like-minded folks. I suppose that’s not that exciting, is it? I’ve never been a thrill-chaser; I’m happiest when I’m creating (photographing, drawing, printing) though lately I’ve been pushing myself to find the joy in an active life as well. I figure if I can keep somewhat active then I can afford to lounge and eat good food.

Contemplative face.

And that’s it for today’s bout of self-reflection. Back to clothes. I bought this flared maxi skirt from Macy’s INC International Concepts brand. It’s a nice soft jersey cotton blend, heavy weight with a good drape and it swirls around my legs most delightfully when I walk. It’s a bit too warm for summer usage, but should carry me well into fall (when it decides to arrive in SoCal!!) and possibly winter if I wear tights underneath. It’s got a thick elastic waistband that is rumple-and-twist resistant–I wore this skirt all day on Saturday and it stayed put at the belly button (where I decided to hike up the skirt a bit else I trip on the length.) I already can’t wait to wear it some more and I think I might squeeze it into a work casual Friday if I can find a shirt to tuck into it that won’t pucker the waist out too much. We shall see.

Tee: Target Mossimo Juniors Textured V-Neck Tee
Skirt: INC International Concepts flared maxi skirt


7 thoughts on “OOTD: Saturday 10/5/13

  1. I think you inspired me to wear a lot more long skirts and dresses lately. I even found a really simple long gray skirt from H&M because I really liked what you were doing with that simple blue maxi dress. If you find a way to work the long skirt into a work outfit, I’d be interested to hear more about it.

    1. Awesome! I love spreading ideas.

      To answer your question I did actually try the H&M maxi dress at work! I’ll post a picture later, but just for a quick idea, I wore it with a tee underneath for modesty/arm coverage and this blue JCrew ponte blazer on top to make it look more “formal.” When I wear this combo again I’ll definitely post photos ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I find myself talking about the weather all the time so I guess I’m guilty of being boring too. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Love this maxi skirt on you – it’s such a staple piece right now.

    1. Hi Jen!

      Well the weather kind of guides clothing choices right? I think it’s totally up for discussion, but some people might find that tedious.

      I don’t know why I resisted the maxi for so long (ha!) because it’s darn comfortable. I wonder what other clothing articles I’ve been missing out on ๐Ÿ˜›

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