Adjustment and reassessment.

Several things on my mind this week about Uniformly Dressed; engage pensive mode:

1. Blog’s been quiet over the last month; the lack of scheduled OOTDs or even a weekly feature is really killing traffic to the site. I’ve been working on one or two projects I hope will deliver me more regular content. It’s challenging my creativity (good) but at the same time I feel like a lot of the things I choose to wear are incredibly repetitive (possibly bad?) Will attempt to finish one module and show you guys (the eight of you that do read this, haha) and you tell me if it’s worth continuing (sorry for the build-up and secrecy, I’ll be publishing soon.)

2. I want to post about more clothing-related/fashion-related articles/tidbits, but I don’t know how that will fit in here (not to mention how to categorize these types of posts?) Am also unsure whether I’m up to handle the debates/comments on any particular hot-button topic.

3. There is so much hype about fall and I’m just trying to keep it real. Here is the one day it actually felt good to be in boots and a puffer vest (the day before it rained in SoCal this month):

Shot with my new old (read: used) Nikon Coolpix A

4. I got a new camera, see caption above. It’s a compact with a fixed wide angle lens. Not really going to be using it much here but I may use it on the road if I’m traveling. I like it a lot because it makes me look skinny (thanks distortion!)

DSC_0892 copy
Southern California, when are you going to be cold enough so I can reliably wear this throughout the day and not be frying by noon?

Tee: Gap favorite long sleeve crew T
Vest: old Gap puffer vest (similar)
Boots: Born Valentina knee-high boots


5 thoughts on “Adjustment and reassessment.

  1. I hope you keep the blog up. Your style is really refreshing, and I enjoy the way you recombine neutrals and basics. Looking forward to the new content you are experimenting with.

  2. You’re not going to know what works unless you just put it up. And hotness on topics, you’ll figure it out when it happens. Blogging is just totally a process and after feeling your way thru, you figure out what clicks for both yourself & your readers 🙂

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