Black is the New Black

I’ve been working on some new articles for the blog, and in the process of shooting the new content I realized I had inadvertently created some outfits I liked. It makes me happy to realize that I’m finally synthesizing looks I want to emulate from things I actually HAVE in my closet! Admittedly, the initial investment was huge, and the wardrobe is still a work in progress. (I’ve already started to earmark certain clothes for possible upcycling/rehabilitation/donation.) At about 80% completion, I feel like I’m hitting my wardrobe goals a lot more frequently and with a clear focus on my imagined style.

I’ve mentioned before my off-duty alter-ego who likes to loaf around in long skirts (see 123.) I don’t know what to call that style if it even has a name but for now I’ll call it minimalist comfort. It’s mostly monochromatic, fuss-free, unrestricted movement, with breathable fabrics, and little to no ornamentation. It doesn’t call any undue attention to itself and the style can be adapted to varying budgets. I’m sure there’s a formal-dress level version of what I’m doing, but I haven’t had the need to figure that out yet.

In keeping with this idea of simple+comfort, here are a few outfit ideas, with black as the base:

Fit and flare cap-sleeved dress, leggings, and combat inspired ankle boots.

The ankle boots were an old purchase from three years ago. It doesn’t mesh quite exactly with the image I have of myself now, but I found them in my shoe storage bin and decided I would play with them for a few months to decide whether to keep or give them away. For now, I’m having fun playing “tough girl” dressup with them, so they’ll stay.

Long black v-neck tee, skinny black pants, black brogues, orange iPad convertible pouch/bag

I love it when I can find a simple shirt with a twist to it. This Mossimo drapey tee has a nice printed texture to it that keeps it from being “just another black tee shirt” in my opinion. The orange clutch/bag keeps my tablet, phone, and associated chargers secure while stuffed in my purse and I like that I have the option of taking it out, attaching an accessory shoulder strap and making it its own bag if I should so desire. Very appropriate for Halloween, don’t you think? Orange and black? (hehe.)

Forever 21 poly sleeveless blouse, INC maxi skirt.

Valerie of To and Fromage asked me to think of ways to wear the maxi to work. I’ve had success pairing the skirt with flowy blouses such as this one (and I’ll show another variation in the future.) To make it more work-appropriate, however, I’ll probably put a cardigan to cover my arms or a blazer for a more structured look.

Onward to more ideas! Back to brainstorming.


7 thoughts on “Black is the New Black

  1. When I saw the photo for the third look, before I even scrolled down to see what you wrote, I said aloud, “Oh wow, that’s sooo chic.” I love it, especially, I think, because of the very modern tailoring of the top.

    I was also thinking that it works so well with your hair down. Having long dark hair myself, I often worry about wearing so much black because I feel too monochromatic, so I buy lots of greys and navys. This, however looks so amazing. I will have to try it. More ideas please!

    1. That makes me happy! Thanks for your kind words. That F21 top was an impulse buy earlier this spring when the temperatures started climbing. But then I realized I really dislike polyester. It’s actually OK in cooler weather; however in the summer wearing poly is like wrapping yourself in plastic. Or maybe that’s just me.

      Please do try more dark colors, especially with your long hair down! It’s a bit dramatic, but hey, people dye their hair black all the time and we’ve got it naturally right? Time to enjoy it.

  2. Cute, cool and gorgeous is how i see your first, second and third outfits. Black is a very versatile color. Love the contrast the orange clutch provides!

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