Piece: Olive Jacket

Well, here’s what I’ve been working on for the past few weeks. I liked the idea that some folks had about showing how to wear an article of clothing repeatedly, so I thought I’d dig around in my closet for said items to feature. Here’s my first from the “Piece” series featuring my beloved olive jacket.

I did seven looks or a week’s worth of outfits. Ideas or variations on a theme are described in the captions below. Let’s get started:

1. Jacket + button down + loafers

A standard pairing. Nothing too fancy here. Rolled the sleeves up to show off the shirt, but it would probably look better with the forearms showing and just a hint of blue cuff at the elbows.

2. Long sleeved tee shirt under the jacket, tall boots.

Here the jacket is the main focus up top. Slim pants tuck neatly into the boots, creating a clean silhouette.

3. Button down + cuffed jeans + brogues

My jeans are a little long on me, so cuffing them helped the pant stack better on top of the shoe. Substitute a low-profile sneaker for a more casual feel.

4. Stripes under olive. Sweatshirt + skirt optional.

In the future I’ll probably only wear one striped item per outfit but for some reason I thought this would work until I saw the pictures afterward. My loss is your gain. The top looks neat though, so I might do that + jeans some time later.

5. Flowy blouse + maxi skirt

Easily one of my favorite pair-ups in the bunch. You can see this look sans jacket here. Can’t wait to re-wear this look but probably with more layers for the cool weather.

6. Black dress + leggings + ankle boots (see the look sans jacket here)

I’d also wear this with the brown boots. All I’d need is a hat and scarf to be cold-proof.

7. ย Black tee + pants

This is probably the lowest effort out of all the looks, but again another fast favorite. Not much variation here except for the introduction of a brightly colored accessory. I really like this shade of orange with olive green but I’m sure you could do a cobalt blue or even a leopard print bag.

Let me know what you think and if you have other pairing suggestions for the olive jacket. This was a great way to challenge myself to examine my closet and to think more deeply about what I put on myself every day.

For now, it’s back to perch on the thinking couch next to my closet–I’ll be back when the next bolt of inspiration strikes!


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