Acquisitions and some thoughts.

Last week was quite boring. I’ve been out of commission all week with round 15 of the flu variants popular this year. I’m really sick (ha) of being sick! Saturday I was out too late (as usual) with friends and being out because all week I’ve been to work and then straight home into pajamas and a hoodie with my face hovering over a bowl of hot water that I was using as a make-shift humidifier. I might have overdone it being out and about for too long. Yesterday I stayed home to rest and tidy my room up. In the midst of cleaning I got an idea to write a haul post as well as my notes on closet culling.

First, October’s acquisitions:

DSC_1114 num

1. H&M L.O.G.G. Flannel Shirt in green/red: I have been looking for a red plaid shirt that wasn’t just black and red check. You can push the color envelope by playing up either of the three colors present (blue, red, or green) as necessary. I’ll be using this as a holiday/overall fall/heritage shirt, with tall brown boots and jeans for that barn/farm feel, or black slacks and flats + red cardigan for an office holiday luncheon. It’s only got one breast pocket and not two which I like (I try to avoid having two breast pockets, it draws too much attention to that area.) The only caveat is when I was at H&M my regular size 10 wasn’t available, so I bought a 12 in this shirt. Right now it’s a loose fit, a little on the side of awkward. I can buy a size 10 online and compare the two, but I know that H&M’s shirts tend to shrink in the wash, up to 10% (I’m guess-timating that percentage btw.) I’m not sure yet how fitted I want this shirt to be. I can stay with the 12 and see how much it shrinks or buy the 10 that I know fits well pre-wash, and gamble on whether the shirt will gape at the chest after washing. I’m not sure which path to take, so I’ll tackle this after I’ve recovered from sickness.

2. Paul Smith “Arielle” PS 8120 in Onyx Mahogany, 52/15/140 (3rd party reseller here): I went to an Oliver People’s sample sale over the weekend. Woke up, grabbed hot chocolate and a cheese danish on an honest-to-goodness cool day (with morning fog!) in SoCal, and was third in line 20 minutes before opening. In retrospect, I overdid it, but the OP store’s Facebook had posted a photo of Friday’s long lines at opening so I wanted to be in the first wave of customers let in. I’ve been on the hunt for new eyewear; I have my trusty gray pair from Allyn Scura but I wanted another pair. Now I have two from the sale and as soon as I find a willing optometry office and let my wallet recover a bit from all this spending I’ll see about filling my prescription.

3. Lihit Lab Smart Fit Carrying Pouch, size A5 (purchased at Kinokuniya Bookstore in Costa Mesa, CA; store locator): Technically purchased in September but didn’t break it out till this month. Needed something to hold my iPad while in a bigger purse. This also has an optional shoulder strap to turn it into a crossbody pouch. Under the main flap are three pockets, two small ones for phone/wallet and a big one for additional storage. The Smart Fit pouch is thin and flat (mostly for the iPad and maybe a thin notebook, a phone, and small wallet and pens), not really suitable for carrying bulky or wide items. The orange color makes me happy and I like using it as a clutch.

4. Clarks Charlie brogue in black (mine is from Amazon;ย Zapposย has the Charlie in metallic or suede leather): needed something other than the Gentle Souls Gabby flats I keep wearing. The oxfords cover more of my foot than the flats do, are completely black (unlike the beat up leather of my Gabbys), and is made of malleable leather with a nice cushy foot bed. I scoured the Internet for reviews, contacted a blogger who’d written a mini-review about sizing, and finally bit the bullet almost a month after on my true shoe size. Break-in was about 2.5, almost three weeks. Wore it around the house for a few hours while at my desk, then out to work for a half-day, then a full day until I got more toe room. It’s true to size for foot length but quite narrow around the toe area. I developed minor sore spots on the side of the big toe and my pinky toe was fairly squished. Stick with it and the shoe does stretch out, but I’d still say at this point my Gentle Souls flats are the most broken in and most comfortable. I’ll keep working on this pair until they are fully customized to my foot.

On culling the closet:

Earlier yesterday I had some time to clean in my room. As I grabbed the shorts and light layers to put them away for the season, I was also able to sort out a few ill-fitting blazers and dresses that I no longer care for/fit into. My work clothes have already been sorted, so all that was left was the casual side. One jacket was a sentimental leftover–it was a Zara brown leather bomber jacket with sherpa lining that I bought and then converted into a aviator costume piece. The other two coats I half-heartedly wanted to give away have stayed because I do not have replacements for them yet. If in a bind, I want to be able to have something to wear, but I know if I find something at the post-holiday sales those two will definitely be donated as they do not flatter my body very much.

The result of yesterday’s mini-editing session was a bag full of ready-to-be-donated clothes and an updated mental map of what I currently own. I have enough parkas to last me for a while, but no dressy/formal coat that would look good over a party dress. I’ve got too many tank tops and v-neck tees, so as long as those do not develop holes/major stains, the current stock will suffice. I finally have some variation in the shoe department so I can leave that area alone until need arises for a new type of shoe.

That’s all I’ve got for now. What about you guys–how are your closets doing? Are yours like mine–slowly evolving, still in the throes of figuring out what clothing needs it must fulfill? I see where all my impulse buys have led me astray in the past, so I want to make better shopping choices in the future.


4 thoughts on “Acquisitions and some thoughts.

  1. I hear of spring cleaning, but fall cleaning? I guess getting organized can be done all year round. Some reflection on purchases is good to minimize waste, and optimize enjoyment of acquisitions. I like your oxfords, and am considering one for myself….

    1. Thanks! I usually donate. Yesterday I stared at those two other coats slated for donation and thought, I should really let them go–the lining on one of them generates so much static electricity that when I put it on, I could probably power a light bulb! It’s most likely got some cheap poly lining. With long hair like mine, that means I end up shocking myself the entire day.

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