On Halloween my friend Erin and I went into downtown Los Angeles to see Iron and Wine. Iron and Wine is Samuel Beam, who plays acoustic guitar and writes his own songs. I’ve loved this band for ages and when I found out he was playing nearby, I made plans with Erin to catch his show. It was such a fine experience and worth every penny. Here’s a few pictures from Thursday night.


After an early dinner, we got on the freeway and headed into downtown. Thankfully the traffic was manageable despite it being a night for revelry. We got to our parking lot comfortably and Erin noticed this on the back of one of the buildings bordering the lot. Turns out her hunch was right and this is actually a Banksy piece from 2010.


The exterior of the Orpheum Theatre.



Main entrance. Too bad no one was posted in the vintage ticket booth–I guess it’s kept as a fixture instead of being functional. I could have stayed here snapping more shots but I was too excited to get seated and look around inside.


We were seated farther back on the ground level; I just walked closer to get a shot of the balcony and stage. Amazing and beautiful. I usually take more photographs but that night I just wanted to hang out and enjoy some tunes. Even though the website says the Orpheum seats 2,000, the venue seemed really intimate. Maybe there were less people at the concert (I couldn’t really see after the lights were dimmed anyway) but I like the way the theatre is set up and I hope more of my favorite bands play there so I can go again (and really take some serious photographs, because this place is gorgeous.)


Totally didn’t notice it during the show but my friend told me that the blue dome/skylight you see on the top left corner actually changed colors as the lights changed on stage. I don’t know too much about stage lighting but I know that someone directs them throughout the course of the evening, and that really helps create a mood for a show. I like subtle details and I definitely appreciate the fact that they used the theatre’s other capacities (i.e. the skylights) to enhance the experience.

DSC_1169 ed

I’d gone into work earlier on Thursday as Wednesday Addams, but I changed to something more comfortable and warm. Should’ve kept the costume because other people came into the concert dressed up!

Shirt: old purple and orange H&M L.O.G.G. plaid
Sweater: oversized maroon v-neck cardigan from TJ Maxx
Pants: Target Mossimo ankle pants
Shoes: Indigo by Clarks Charlie brogues in black
Scarf: old H&M men’s black and gray rayon-blend scarf

I had a lovely time hanging out with a friend and listening to a great band I’ve wanted to hear for the longest time. Can’t wait to do it all over again someday!


5 thoughts on “Iron and Wine at the Orpheum

  1. I’ve been indulging in some local gigs here too, acoustic music is always so much better live! and so rad you got to see an actual banksy, i’ve only ever seen framed things which is not quite the same – he always uses environments so well it seems a shame to put it in a gallery

    1. I didn’t even know it was a Banksy until I looked it up after the show. It made the night feel even more surreal, like icing on the cake of awesome. And yes, more live music! I’m going to make it a resolution to be on the lookout for more performances ๐Ÿ™‚

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