Creating a travel wardrobe

I’m leaving California for a short time for a little adventure. Over the last three days I’ve agonized over condensing my wardrobe because I’m heading into an area with far cooler temperatures than I usually encounter. I have enough to layer with, but what I noticed is that I lack a true water-proof or water-resistant coat (with a hood.) Since we’re heading into fall/winter, I’ll wait for after-season sales to fulfill my cold-weather clothing needs–of which I don’t have many, considering the geographic area I live in. The coolest it gets here is in the high 40s but it’s such a rare event that a high fill-power down parka is not an immediately useful investment.

Here’s a portion of my miniature wardrobe for my 5-day trip:

I decided to focus on blue, black, and gray for the color palette. Not photographed: Uniqlo Heattech shirts in gray and black.

My pack list looks like this:


Here are my thoughts and predictions for the wardrobe elements I’ve chosen.

On rain protection:
Unfortunately neither the REI jacket or the H&M parka are waterproof; the REI jacket is mildly water resistant, but I won’t come out of a deluge bone-dry. If I were smarter, I should have bit the bullet on an insulated nylon parka, but I’d have to pay full price right now. When I was discussing my jacket dilemma with friends, they told me to just go with the jackets I already own and deal with the occasional rain as it falls. I am hoping that luck is on my side and that the one predicted day of rain (Thursday) won’t be so bad.

On the cold:
Keeping warm shouldn’t be an issue–I am trusting that the Heattech shirts and socks will do their job. I’ll be walking a good portion during this trip, so the only points I’m worried about are when I’m waiting at a bus stop outdoors, or when walking home in the night. I’ve got two hats, gloves, and my parka has a hood, so as long as it stays dry with little to no wind, I should be good to go.

Why are you bringing two cameras? Isn’t that overkill?
In terms of weight, yes, the decision to bring the DSLR will make my travel from airport to hotel a bit encumbered (it’s extra weight I could be saving from my carry-on.) I bought a Coolpix A for casual snaps around town, but I do plan to meet up with friends and family later on and since my other hobby is portrait photography, I wanted to have my kit with me. I’m carrying batteries and chargers per each camera and 4 SD cards (1 to use and 1 spare per camera.) It remains to be seen whether I will even break out the DSLR–I anticipate relying on the wide-angle Coolpix A more while I’m out doing the tourist thing than the 35mm 1.8 on my D90.

It’s almost time to leave. If you’d like to see where I end up, pop on over to Instagramย where I’ll be documenting my adventures!


7 thoughts on “Creating a travel wardrobe

    1. Ah! Sorry I did not see this earlier. Man, DC is great! I hardly wanted to leave. I have 9 GB of vacation pics to sort out and a follow-up post to my travel wardrobe article planned, but first, work calls. T_T I want to be in vacation mode for a little longer.

    1. Thanks Joy! The last two days were far cooler than the first two and the nights were biting cold. I can definitely appreciate the appropriate tech clothing because 4+ layers is cumbersome and restrictive.

      Would love the opportunity to live on the East Coast for the foliage and sartorial opportunities (among other things, of course.) I’ve been eagerly drinking up everyone’s coats and boots with watchful eyes :p /creepin


  1. I think we might have the similar levels of OCD ๐Ÿ˜‰ I came across this awhile ago and realised the internet has tons of ideas – like this one capsule wardrobe based on 15 pieces of clothing – which helps a bit to visualise some kind of theme

    I also have a tendency to make extensive lists! I’m a massive fan of Uniqlo heattech and it’s really good for layering. Hope you have a lovely trip ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Hi Steph! I’m back. The trip was super great. Am getting caught up on everyone’s blogs and tackling the 8-9 gigs of photographs I took (16mp is a lot of picture!)

      Am reading the link you sent me, and now I kind of want to go back and do this for the travel clothes I chose! Thanks for the post idea ๐Ÿ™‚ I was planning to do a post-travel write up of how I did anyways, now I can make some images to go along with it ๐Ÿ™‚

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