Corollary to the “Shopping Philosophy”

I am back from my trip to Washington DC and there will be a forthcoming post on that subject, but before I get there I wanted to address some additional thoughts that have come up while preparing my travel wardrobe. It is also fitting that I write about this now as the major holiday sales dawn upon us–as a reminder to myself to keep a sharp focus while navigating sales.

I wrote a previous article on my “shopping philosophy” here when I just started my blog. Since August I have purchased the following:

Work wardrobe
– black pants (2)
– button downs (3)
– ponte blazers (2)
– leather shoes (1 pair loafers, 1 pair oxford/brogues)

Casual wardrobe
– H&M slub sweater
– Maxi dress and maxi skirt
– Bridge and Burn olive jacket
– H&M plaid shirt
– Lands End 3/4 sleeve breton top

– REI fleece jacket

– Paul Smith “Arielle” frames
– orange iPad case

I feel good about addressing the gaps in my work wardrobe, and I’m attempting to ensure that my off-duty/casual wardrobe items are things that I end up using; so far so good on that score. I need to slow down on those categories and shift my focus elsewhere. Here are the few things I want to remind myself about as we enter the start of winter and holiday sales:

1. Don’t buy any more tops, specifically button-downs.
In the span of a week I find myself wearing button downs thrice a week. I already have 15+ shirts (granted some of them are the exact same shirt, because I’m strange like that.) That means only a fifth of them are worn at any given time, because I’m either not in the mood to wear one or I feel like wearing a sweater or dress that day. This is not good usage.

2. Focus on creative layering.
I like to take a walk during my work breaks. I swap my shoes out for running shoes and a coworker and I go on timed walks around our office. I usually come back overheated or chilled depending on what I decided to wear to work that day. Heattech undershirts should help insulate without trapping too much sweat here. I am on a mission to acquire two more of those v-neck shirts I got for the trip to DC.

3. Invest in technical outerwear.
My trip to DC in the fall showed me how ill-equipped I was for the occasionally blustery East Coast weather. Time to research a waterproof, windproof jacket that is functional as well as aesthetically pleasing.

4. Read fabric content labels for educational purposes.
As I am of the long-haired breed (my friends joke that I shed like a cat), dry winters mean terrible static. Usual culprits? The cheap polyester lining in coats, and some acrylic-based sweaters. I also seem to fare poorly with some types of wool or cashmere on my skin. Even thinking about it right now makes me itch. I envy those of you who can wear those fibers with impunity.

It’s so easy to get distracted–I’m not immune to “shiny new thing” syndrome. But if I can keep this list fresh in my mind as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the craziness of Christmas sales descend upon us, it will be easier to stay on track.

Two more weeks to the long Thanksgiving weekend! Time to get to work.


5 thoughts on “Corollary to the “Shopping Philosophy”

  1. These are great insights! For the chronically cold intolerant person like me, i am looking forward to your sharing of that “waterproof, windproof jacket that is functional as well as aesthetically pleasing”. Hope they have some in navy or midnight blue or gray.

  2. Good reminder to be thoughtful about wardrobe ahead of the holidays sales. I know I’m in need of skirts and sweaters for work, and I’m watching those JCrew sales. Looking forward to hearing about your DC trip.

      1. Mostly for me too. A year or two ago they could do no wrong, but now I like very little of what they have. However, those No. 2 pencil skirts are the best! And I did just get the cutest Factory PJs with their 40% off sale.

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