It’s been a while since I posted an OOTD. The time has changed and I usually get home in the dark, far too late to do any recording of outfits in good lighting. Yesterday we were given the green light to go home a few hours early and I was able to catch the sun setting across the lawn.

If you’re wondering, there probably won’t be a Fall edition 30-Day OOTD Challenge. Without a reliable lighting system, I don’t really want to present crappy indoor photos. I’d also have to find a suitably blank backdrop and there’s not really a lot of places inside the house to go for that. Instead, I might aim to share a few looks or recreate stuff I wore over the weekend, or maybe just write other types of posts for now. I’m picky about my lighting and until I can figure out a way to deliver photos worth showing, I’m going to pause that topic series for now.

Below: I’ve been wearing a lot of black and gray lately out of a need for comfort and familiarity. I’ve found myself digging for the cozy clothes and big chunky sweaters such as this one. Though it is not the most body flattering look, it sure makes sitting in a cold office a lot more comfortable.

I wore this yesterday, our office’s effective “Friday” before the holiday. While my workplace doesn’t have a strict dress code, I like to keep jeans an end-week only habit.
Shirt: Gap Favorite long-sleeve crew neck tee
Sweater: old Talbots chunky knit shrug
Jeans: Uniqlo Ultra Stretch jeans (limited washes available here)
Shoes: Ecco Sculptured GTX Ankle Bootย 

I hope those of you from the US that read this find some downtime to enjoy your holiday and relax from all the inevitable rushing and crowding that will happen on this holiday. Have a meaningful and restful Thanksgiving and see you all next week!


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