Review: Wool Coats from Lands End

After I came back from DC, I made good on my promise to hunt for good warm outerwear. I checked for coats over the Black Friday weekend, but there wasn’t anything in my size. I decided to bite the bullet on some coats at Lands End in the petite section. In the past I’ve had decent luck with Lands End shirts; it had good shoulder and arm length fit. I ordered two coats, the Boiled Wool Walker Coat and the Luxe Wool Walker Coat in 10P.

Here’s the Boiled Wool Walker Coat on me. It fits well, and has enough room in the arms and torso to layer a sweater. The length is a few inches above the knee, which allows for movement. The lining inside is decent and I love the side entry pockets to keep my hands in. It’s a nice, light wool coat and I believe this will do well for a typical Southern California winter, which usually doesn’t dip past the low 50’s. It isn’t a snuggly-soft wool coat though; the boiled wool texture is a little rougher than I’d like, but it doesn’t make me itch and it’s warm, so that’s ok by me.

And here’s the Luxe Wool Walker Coat. I’ve actually been wearing this coat a little more than the Boiled Wool, because we’re currently having a cold snap and the stand collar is really helpful at keeping the chill off my neck. This wool coat is a lot softer than the Boiled Wool; it’s also thicker and heavier. I think this will be my travel coat when I go back to the East Coast, it’s warmer and it has an internal breast pocket for valuables.

Perhaps it’s a bit much to have two wool coats, but I got them for $245 shipped. A single coat from another company is about that much. I’m very happy with my purchases, though the design is very simple and unremarkable, I’m already thankful I bought it. This week the temperatures have dropped to the high 30’s at night, which is unheard of.  I’m hoping that the construction will last and that I get a lot of use out of them in the long run; in the meantime, I tentatively recommend these as an affordable, easy option for wool outerwear.


12 thoughts on “Review: Wool Coats from Lands End

  1. Both coats fit you well, without alterations ! I’d say that is a good buy. With its classic design, you will likely be wearing it for many years. Now let me find out if the Luxe Wool one has my size….

  2. Is one coat black and one coat navy? In which case – totally justifiable. And is that a US 10P or UK10P? Now out of curiosity – how are they both wearing? The luxe one – looks short haired and shouldn’t pill. I’m only asking as one coat I bought this year despite having a reasonable amount of wool content pilled after 2 wears and I ended up returning it. The store was good enough to refund and said they would report back to the manufacturer.

    1. Hi Sue!

      One coat is “charcoal gray”–the Luxe Wool, and the other is black. It is a US 10P; I believe UK sizes are one smaller than ours? At least when I wear H&M, I’m sometimes a 10 or 12 depending on the cut.

      The Luxe one is holding up pretty great; now that you asked me about the Boiled Wool, I am peeling off a few burrs/hairballs from my forearms, but the rest of the coat seems ok.

      …I know gray and black are practically the same. Hehe. I’m justifying it on the basis that the two coat shapes are different and I’m wearing them at work all day–they’re almost like blazers too. How problematic is pilling? Is there a reasonable rate of pilling?

      1. I just find that pilling spoils the look of a garment and ages it. In some instances it’s easily rectified (razor, fuzz away or wool comb). I bought a navy coat and after two short wears, I noticed the pilling on the edges of the pockets, on the inside of the sleeves and the area where the sleeves make contact with the body of the coat. I personally didn’t feel it wasn’t good enough for the price of the coat especially for 2 wears so I needed to complain (something I don’t do often enough). It’s different if you go in with the perception that something was cheap and the fabric composition is rather “dodgy” i.e. £10 for a 100% acrylic jumper but if something costs you around £85-90 in the first instance, I want and expect a little more for my money in terms of garment quality.

      2. I will keep this in mind, Sue–thank you! I consider Lands End kind of a mid-ranged, old JCrew-esque (pre Jenna Lyons’ tomboy phase), affordable line. I’d expect it to be a good coat for 3, maybe 5 years with storage and care (I guess I should get one of those storage bags.)

        Where sleeves make contact with body of coat–I have another jacket that I’ve talked about on the blog–the blue REI fleece zip-up, and it’s pilling in that area (kind of under the armpit?) Hmmm. I’ve been picking it off. It’s a function of the fiber of the coat huh?

  3. both of these look great – I like the sizing at Lands End and have always found it a good fit on me without any alterations at all. I love boiled wool (even with the slight roughness) so the first one really appeals 🙂 I invested in a black knee length wool coat very similar to these earlier this year and I’m really very glad I did so – very versatile items which will last as long as the fabric holds out! I hope you’ll continue to find that yours have been a good investment.

    I agree with Sue about piling/bobbling issues. I can put up with a slight bobbling if it’s after a few months (easily rectified with a fabric shaver or ‘bobble off’), as is to be expected with woolen items. not acceptable after only 1 or 2 wears, especially for something which has been relatively expensive.

    p.s. I think charcoal grey and black are different enough to justify owning both! (or that’s what I tell myself, anyway) 😀


    1. Fen, you’re a woman after my own heart. Black is great but for some looks it’s just too heavy and the gray provides the soberness without the severity.

      I’m now thinking I should do a before-spring coat checkup post to see how weekly use affects them. Ideas, ideas!

  4. Lands’ End stuff is not the greatest in terms of longevity but it will work at least for the time. You look wonderful in the coats. It’s nice to have the two options to go and forth with.

    1. Thanks Joy! I feel handsome in them (really! I do! with a few buttons done up I’m presentable and everyone thinks I dressed up–haha, they don’t know I didn’t comb my hair.)

      Kali had a post re: Breton shirts that really stuck with me in my shopping strategy. She mentioned buying a more affordable “test” version of a garment she wanted to integrate into her wardrobe; to see if she’d even enjoy wearing it and what to look out for in that particular type of clothing. I feel like the LE coats are a way to figure out how to wool coat without breaking the bank, so if I ever move to a place which warrants better coats I know what to expect and demand.

      Am really enjoying them at work where the heat doesn’t reach my cubicle.

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