I’m really feeling the depth and simplicity of an all-monochrome wardrobe lately. My coats are really getting good use this early in the winter and I just got that gray open cardigan from MUJI last week. I can’t wait to figure out more combinations in grayscale. Here’s what’s inspiring me this week:

8 thoughts on “Inspiration: monochrome

  1. Oh I’m so feeling this wardrobe inspo. I basically dressed just like this today, except with a blazer because we’re having a little unseasonably warm weather in DC.

  2. I love the monochrome inspo.. maria van nguyen – love her blog! And I can’t believe you have a Muji near you now – so jealous! There was Muji when I was living in KL and I love so many things in there – their home organisation dept is a minimalists dream!

    1. Hi Steph, Merry Christmas!

      MUJI is blowing my mind and wallet right now. I love love their sweaters so far! I might take some of this Christmas money and scrounge around their 50% off Fall Sale again ๐Ÿ™‚

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