I’m about to be quite dorky for the lack of a better word, so hang on to your hats and bear with me on this train of thought. I don’t know how much of a Harry Potter fan you are, but I really like the idea of a Pensieve, which according to the Harry Potter Wiki is a shallow basin-type object used to review memories. It’s also interesting to me that Pensieve contains “pensive” and “sieve,” two words appropriate to my current state of mind. I’d like to sift through my experiences this past year and share with you the things that have resonated with me the most.

1. Confidence: not cockiness, but the assurance that comes with knowing one’s self and abilities. I’m working to establish more of this resource in my life, in various ways. I spent a lot of time this year thinking about my strengths and weaknesses, picking areas to address, and there’s more to work on for next year. It’s in-progress and there’s a comfort in knowing that even small pushes can amount to great gain in the long run.

2. Friendship and family: they are each their own wells of support, inspiration, and motivation. I could not have begun Uniformly Dressed without bouncing ideas off of close friends, and my family has been incredibly supportive of the energy I derive from exploring this passion. I hope to build upon new and old connections and learn from others.

3. Travel: new sights, foods, sounds, experiences are worthy rewards for hard work. I use travel to relax, to gain new inspiration, to recharge, to challenge myself. I commit to exploring more of my home region as well as saving up to see the US and the rest of the world.

I’ve been on my monochrome kick lately, so here’s my Morticia-Addams-inspired outfit (not the most festive/cheery inspiration, I’ll admit) for Christmas. Elastic waistband on the skirt is very forgiving for those delicious dinners, and keeping my look simple ensures I have more time to sit down with family as opposed to adjusting my clothes or fussing about shoes. Thankfully the party was at my home this year, so I mostly padded around the house barefoot and comfortable.

I hope your holidays are going well, and may you all have a fulfilling, energizing new year ahead of you! Thank you for reading Uniformly Dressed, and see you in 2014.


3 thoughts on “Pensieve

  1. These are 3 very interesting points to ponder, thanks for sharing. Harry Potter’s pensieve is a very nice metaphor, it would come in handy to remember good moments and learn from difficulties without the twist of time and memory…

    1. Hello Kali!

      I really like the Pensieve idea overall–for self-reflection, or even for sharing with others–wouldn’t we all get along easier if we were able to see things from other perspectives? At least that’s what the hopeful me thinks.

      Happy New Year to you! ๐Ÿ™‚ And onward to 2014 we go.

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