Happy 2014!

Happy New Year!

I’m spending the 24 hours off I have for the holiday by being with friends, eating scrumptious dimsum, and with plenty of laughter and mirth. 2014 is going to be busier than ever, and I have a lot of things to do. I want to progress my career, keep writing here at Uniformly Dressed, travel more, and meet more people.

Until the light returns, I’ll be doing piecemeal OOTDs like this one. I’m glad work wasn’t busy yesterday–was able to leave a little early and therefore I took advantage of the late afternoon light for some photos.

Theย Heattech shirtsย I got for DC are really proving their versatility in my wardrobe. I’ve worn them in a lot of situations–out to jog/bike, as a top on its own (here), as a base layer under button downs and sweaters. It’s comfortable, I stay the same temperature throughout the day, and it smooths over my body in a flattering manner (or so I think.) I know it’s a little weird to wear what basically amounts to an undershirt as a primary top, but hey! It works. It does get a little sheer over some areas when I move, but for the most part I’m covered in a jacket or shirt or scarf.

The Ecco booties are also equally awesome. I have been wearing them non-stop for almost a month now. I’ve done a whole holiday shopping run in them with only minor aching in the heels; I took them with me on a day trip to San Diego for December Nights at Balboa Park, and they’re hands down the most comfortable pair of leather shoes I’ve owned to date. Even more so than my Born riding boots, which have cushioned soles. I’m definitely keeping Ecco in my sights. As I get more comfortable walking in small heels, maybe at some point I’ll be able to go up to 2 inches with nary a thought.

My only self-criticism is I wish these Ultra Stretch Denim stacked better on these boots. The knees are off on me because of my height, and when I bought this pair at the Powell St Uniqlo in San Francisco, I had them hem it for the tennis shoes I was wearing at the time, which resulted in a slightly longer hem. I thought I’d want to cuff it more, but I really don’t do cuffs unless I’m doing denim/chambrayย or wearing sneakers. What do you think? Should I get the fabric taken in at the knees (so I don’t have those odd wrinkles) and should I just cuff these pants with these boots or get them tapered more and re-hemmed? I don’t think the fit is too too terrible as it is, but I feel like it could be better. Let me know what you think!


12 thoughts on “Happy 2014!

  1. Happy new year to you too! I love Uniqlo’s heattech undershirts as well, and I keep them in heavy rotation ever since I discovered them in Japan. Like you, they serve for everything: running gear, pyjama, undershirt, and top when the outfit calls for something more fitted on the upper body.

    I think Uniqlo has a wider range of heattech products now, it’s not just underwear. Last time I went to their Opรฉra store in Paris they had heattech denim for example. Might be worth checking out before they take them off the racks ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. That’s what I get for replying to comments at midnight; I forget about the other Heattech stuff ๐Ÿ™‚ A friend of mine liked her Heattech denim. As for outerwear though, I know they’ve made Heattech sweaters, but I haven’t seen a jacket or coat from that range yet.

    1. Hello and thank you for reading! Happy new year to you as well.

      The challenging part will be determining how much to hem. When I got these done I did them wearing running shoes, and I was ok with a little bit of length at the ankles for cuffing. If I wear ballet flats and hem to the ankle with those shoes, it might end up being too short but it might tuck in better to the boots.

      Now that I think about it, how do people figure this stuff out? Or do you just wear certain shoes with certain length pants?

      1. I wonder if maybe you could hem in such a way that would be suitable for whatever shoe you choose to wear? I have a default pair of legging jeans from GAP (probably one of the best things they’ve ever made, but unfortunately this means they’re not going to make anything good like this for another five years lolll) & the length — unhemmed and probably a little too long — is just enough that it’ll go with anything… unlike another set of cropped pants that I own hat only really look good with flats.

        tl;dr I wear certain shoes with certain length pants unless they’re long enough to fit with any shoe I wear. Perfect enough to tuck into a boot, to get away with a bit of a slouch with sneakers…

      2. Like your strategy–I might have to switch to a different pair of pants. I have straight-leg jeans that go over these boots no problem.

        I completely agree with you on retailers making a good piece of clothing, and then mysteriously switching patterns/changing the construction to something less than ideal. This is why I tend to buy multiples when I find something I really like! (gah)

  2. I bought a pair of the Ultra Stretch jeans at Uniqlo when I was in London! I got them hemmed at the store at a longer length than I usually wear my jeans, and then cuff them because I like that look right now. I didn’t want to get them hemmed any shorter because I don’t know if I’ll like the cropped look forever! And I’ve also been having issues with baggy knees but I didn’t realise it was cause of my height.

    1. Aren’t they lovely? The in-store tailoring is so convenient. And yes, the cropped look is nice, but I might just buy pants for that specific look.

      The baggy knees was actually something the Uniqlo salesperson told me–that the US Uniqlo stuff (don’t know about the UK) is cut for taller folks, so the knees are going to be off for shorties. The hip-to-knee length is a little too long on most of my pants, but not too bad on the Ultra Stretch.

      I know there’s a way to decrease the bulk there (I’ve heard of people getting that area tailored.) However, budget and the lack of a quality seamstress is preventing me from caring too much ๐Ÿ™‚

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