Cool down

So the US is experiencing a record swath of low temperatures, blizzards, and snow scattered across almost the entire continent–a phenomenon being dubbed “the Polar Vortex.” And it is everywhere except in my little corner of the country. Nonetheless, I empathize with those of you moored in the cold. I’m terrible with anything below 60, so I can’t even begin to fathom what -24 with windchill is. I suppose the novelty of snowmen, snow angels, and sledding wears off within the first three days when you realize that stuff isn’t letting up, and you still have work/school/commitments.

We’re having a mild winter so far in California, so I don’t get to wear things like this much:

Coat: Lands End Boiled Wool Walker Coat
Scarf: Urban Outfitters Staring at Stars Iceland Infinity Scarf (a Christmas gift from a great friend!)
Jeans: Uniqlo Ultra Stretch denim in navy
Boots: Ecco Structured ankle booties in Goretex (similar)

This was worn on my way out to dinner with friends–popped on the scarf toward the end of the night when it DID get cooler. Under the coat, I’ve got a trusty Heattech shirt on and a black cardigan. But really, the fun part of this whole outfit is the scarf! My friend Brian calls it my “Mobius scarf” after the Möbius strip. When I have it looped as such, it very well could be a travel pillow. I’m sure it will come in handy during plane rides.

For those of you who live in cooler climates, how do you dress for the cold? What are your favorite stay-warm tips?


10 thoughts on “Cool down

  1. This is a very lovely scarf, it looks warm and comfortable! I don’t think Paris is very cold in Winter, especially this year (maybe all the cold winds are gathering in the US indeed) – but I find layering to be very efficient in these temperatures, because it is much warmer inside than outside. So there is the coat and scarf, with gloves and hat if it is really cold. And then, heattech, lightweight knit or top, plus heavier knit, or cardigan or jacket. And pants, of course. That way I can peel off if the heater is a bit too high.

    1. …my workplace operates opposite of this, Kali! I shed layers going outside. During the winter sometimes I find it very comfortable to nap in my car, which by lunchtime is sun-warmed and cozy.

      Written as I sit in my cubicle with wool coat on and collars nice and high.

  2. I’m so glad you mentioned the heattech shirts when you first got it–it prompted me to pick one up at Uniqlo when I was in nyc a few weeks back. That shirt has been a life saver through this polar vortex awfulness. Goes so great under all my clothes without adding bulk and keeps me super warm. I love it. Also, great scarf. I want a big chunky knit one like that.

    1. How is it in DC, Valerie? It looked pretty dreary in your pictures.

      I love the Heattech line. They’re great for exercising in, although at times it does get a little sheer.

      1. Today is better than yesterday, but still so cold. We don’t have control over the heat in our apartment, so I keep sneaking into the kitchen and opening the oven door a little just to feel a warmer. Tomorrow is supposed to be better. I have no idea how people are making it in the midwest.

  3. Glad the cold’s not affecting you too badly. I love the scarf, it looks so warm!
    It doesn’t get too cold here but I like my merino wool thermal, I wear it as an undershirt if I don’t want to wear that extra jumper some days.

    1. How is merino wool on the skin? I am wary of wool directly on me, but I know it is one of the warmest materials. I currently wear anything wool or cashmere with a layer between me and that item.

  4. Love the scarf – I’ve tried on similar but they seem to swallow me up somehow. I’ve never been good with the loopy scarves thing. And as for staying warm – heattech and Uniqlo Ultra Light down. I have been known to wear two heattechs even :o)

    1. Oh man two Heattechs is intense! 🙂

      I really wanted to try ULD this year, but I didn’t end up having a need for it after all. Maybe next year! Haha! Or if those jackets go on DEEP discount (like $30?)

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