Filling spaces

I can scarcely believe it’s already two weeks into the new year. Folks are coming back to work from their long vacations, traffic is picking up again (boo), and my work calendar is filling up with training courses and meetings. The routine is both comforting and exhausting. Though I am more than content and grateful for my lot as it is, I daydream about taking time off and finding some new corner of the world to sit in and experience.

Photos thanks to my friend J, who has a great eye for shapes and lines.

I didn’t really speak of my resolutions or plans for the new year, but I did mention travel as one of my goals, including exploring my own area of Orange County. The past two weeks have been most excellent in this regard–my friends and I went to an art walkย in downtown Santa Ana, and this Sunday we hiked in Peter’s Canyon in Tustin Ranch. Even though it’s only Tuesday, I’m already planning this weekend’s schemes. I have a three-day weekend ahead of me and it will be a complete shame if I don’t cook up at least one fun thing to do. My adventures usually include taking portraits of my companions, looking at some architectural wonder, and gorging on some delicious food. Only three more working days to go!


Lately I’ve been running around in iterations of this outfit, with the slight addition of a cardigan, usually black or gray, as you see above. That’s really it. I toss one of my wool coats on top of that, weave a scarf around my neck for good measure, and I’m out the door. Super boring but it gets the job done and I’m confident that everything is properly covered/in place. I did buy a second pair of Uniqlo Ultra Stretch jeans which you see here–hemmed to slightly below the ankle. It fits these boots much better than the longer version I’d previously donned. I opted to hem these shorter and to leave the first pair at its current length. I’ll wear the older pair cuffed but these should be good with flats or these boots; there won’t be too much extra material to droop or fit oddly over the shoes.

Though work has barely begun, my mind is already basking in the promise of the weekend. Press on, 2014! I want to see more of you.


10 thoughts on “Filling spaces

  1. I like the pictures a lot, the shapes and colours are indeed very interesting! I also like your outfit a lot, very simple yet it looks put together and comfortable. We are getting close to the week-end, I hope you’ll enjoy it ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thank you Kali ๐Ÿ™‚ And yes, I am definitely looking forward to this weekend. We’re having an unseasonably warm winter (84F/29C) so a few friends have suggested going to the beach. If this weather keeps up I might actually dig around for shorts!

  2. I was just thinking, you never see buildings like that in the UK. They make a fabulous backdrop – your friend does have an eye for shapes and composition like you say.

    1. My specific area has very little in these types of preserved/historical building fronts, but I try to make the most of what we do have. This corridor is popular with local photographers–and you can see why. The other side of this red-and-white building is a brick wall that also makes for great shots.

      I bet the UK has brick aplenty! And the light is different there too, I bet.

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