I’m back to work today, but I had a lovely weekend off. Saturday was Corgi Beach Day at the local dog beach. My friends and I really like the ridiculous, fluffy corgis–none of us are lucky enough yet to own one, so Saturday was a way to alleviate those yearnings.

It’s been unseasonably warm in January in our area. On Saturday the beach was a balmy 79F/26C!

The beach was already saturated with corgis by the time we arrived.

I still have a strap tan from the flats I wore all summer last year. That stripe will soon be back, if the weather continues to be warm like this. I never thought I’d be digging these shorts out of the clothes bin this early in the year, but I forget that California doesn’t behave like the rest of the country.

I tried splashing around for a few seconds in the water–cold! I did end up getting my shorts wet when a wave came in faster than I thought it would, so out the water I came.


There were ever so many! These events can draw up to 200+ corgis throughout the entire day. A lady won a prize for having brought the most corgis to the event–6 of them!

A brief moment of respite in the shade.

They move fast for one so small and stocky. There were quite a few corgis who ran confidently into the surf chasing each other or chasing tennis balls that were flying all over the beach. There were also some that were more sedate and preferred to watch the proceedings from a distance.

Photo by Out of Hindsyght

This is Kaylee. Her owner wanted her to try going out into the water, but she was having none of it. Instead she preferred to sit near our group’s feet and to look up expectantly for a pat.

Photo by Out of Hindsyght

This is a great corgi shot taken by my friend Olivia, who also attended.

What a day! And what better way to finish it off than with delicious Korean barbecue? I like to save the weekends for delicious food I can’t get everyday. Work and play in equal measures makes a Kristina content.


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