On the Hunt – Workout Gear

Since starting this blog and reading other writers’ thoughts on purchasing, materialism, and the like–I feel as if I’ve become more aware of my rate of acquisition and the amount of money I actually dedicate to funding my life, including clothing/accessories for various activities.  Today’s post won’t delve into all of that, but perhaps in the future I’ll conduct a more thorough analysis of my spending and general principles.

I thought I was going to make it out of January without any more purchases…and for the most part, I did pretty well this month. I didn’t do an Acquisitions post for January but all I got so far was stuff from Uniqlo: Ultra Stretch Jeans in navy and this Oxford Long Sleeve Shirt in white. Wardrobe-wise, I’m fairly covered for our California winter, and the stuff I got from Muji (the striped shirts) are ready to go for spring. These upcoming items are mostly to support my walk/run workouts (actually I’m “running” now–albeit with walk breaks.) Here’s what’s on track for the next round of purchases:

oakleyxx earsocks

1. Oakley XX replacement earsocks

I have some old Oakley sunglasses (15+ years old!) that have ripped earsocks/missing nose cushions. I also now have a prescription for astigmatism that I wear corrective lenses for (it’s mild, but I notice how much nicer the world is when I can see with glasses on.) The non-prescription lenses are scratched but they’re still ok for glare/sun protection; eventually I will get them filled, but for now, replacing the rubber parts means I can wear these when I’m out running and shield my eyes from the sun and bugs. I just bought these today from Amazon–they also seem to be available on Ebay and other optical websites, but I have less experience with the reliability of those sellers.

nike jacket

2. Nike Luxe Seamless Running Jacket, $139.97. I have an older version of this, with open pockets. I like to run with my phone tracking my route and speed, and providing musical accompaniment. My old jacket’s pockets aren’t secured, so zippers would be a welcome addition. I’m not sure about those thumb holes, but I’ve never tried it, so who knows? I’m mostly looking for a non-fussy black jacket with zippered pockets, and I liked how my old Nike Dri-Fit jacket fit and kept me warm.

lunarglide collage
Left is from Zappos, $110. Right is a customized, NikeiD version: $160.

3. Nike Lunarglide 5+: I’ll probably get something like the one on the left–price is important considering I’ll wear these out in a year or so. But Nike’s customization means I can design one to my desires! That diamond pattern is supposed to be a reflective layer when lit up. It looks really cool–and you can see it on Nike’s website. If you pick a lighter base color, like gray, it is even more reflective (at least from what I can tell on the site.) This purchase is basically updating my old shoe (which is more than a year and a half old.) I think the cushioning is just about done on those, so it will soon be time for a replacement.

uniqlo uld black

4. Uniqlo Ultra Stretch jeans in black

Ok, these aren’t really workout-related, but I’m a little obsessed with these pants. I have two of these in navy, but I might bite for one in black. Size one down if you do order; they stretch quite a bit. They’re forgiving when you eat a big meal and once hemmed (because they only come in 33″ inseams) they fit (IMO awesomely. Denim heads will argue that maybe the hips are a little tight since I have a little bit of whiskering, but I’m not too picky.) Love these pants. If I could wear them to work, I would have a whole stable of them already.

Time to do some creative budgeting and prioritization! How’s your month in shopping going thus far?


9 thoughts on “On the Hunt – Workout Gear

  1. I don’t analyse too much – it scares me. I buy with my heart rather than my head and that’s not always a good thing because there is a lot which appeals to my heart.

    And thumbholes – this is a weird one. I’ve seen them before on garments and didn’t really get them but then I tried on a ski jacket which had an inner sleeve with thumb holes and I suddenly got it – for keeping your sleeves in place and then you put your gloves on over and voila – no draughts! But that’s not going to help you as you’re not going skiing.

    And I’ve never bought a pair of Uniqlo jeans yet – the sizing scares me. I need to get in a shop and have a proper trying on session before I commit. But then again, I am a little fussy about the finish on jeans so I’d have to see them first hand anyway. And funny that you bought them in navy rather than black – I have navy jeans which I never wear. Or do you mean a dark rinse wash?

    1. I would think for snow/wet activities you’d want to keep every inch of your skin covered. I’m not too hot on the thumbholes part of this jacket, so I might try looking for something simpler.

      The analysis will be interesting. I think I’ll find that I’m fairly whimsical when I first come up with “things to buy” but when it comes time to put the money down all of a sudden I’ll sit on the decision for weeks. Especially if it’s full price. I also know I’m susceptible to rushing through the purchase if I feel like it will sell out/be unavailable–why? Nothing is that important that I need to spend out of turn. Which is why eventually I’ll look into my thinking, because I think it will be interesting. (or scary.)

      US Uniqlo calls their darkest blue (sans fading/whiskering) navy, so I went with that designation. Finish-wise, my older (now larger) pair have remained soft, but they do stretch out quite a lot. I sized down to a 28 (haven’t washed that yet) and that seems to be keeping its shape a lot better; don’t know if it’s the new fabric/season’s iteration of the jean or the size is working. My weight is in flux at the moment because of this new workout, so the old pair of jeans is pretty slouchy at the moment, which is too loose for my liking.

  2. Very nice round-up! I have a few Nike items for workout and they have proven satisfactory so far, but it isn’t cheap! I actually bought a pair of shoes in an LA outlet store, might be a good way for you to replace your gear without spending that much money.

    I also have had seveal pairs of Uniqlo jeans over the years too, some have been bery sturday and others didn’t last so long. But the fact that they can shorten the length right in the store in less than one hour is a deal-maker for me. I agree that it’s better to size down if between 2 sizes, as they tend to stretch quite a bit over time (at the waist and knees, to my experience. Congratulations on finding a denim cut you like, it tends to be elusive, the perfect pair of jeans…

    1. Thanks Kali! I’ll have to look into the outlet situation–I don’t live terribly close to any Nike outlets, so I’ll have to factor in gas and drive time to check those deals out. But if I do happen to get out there, it might be a way to save some cash.

      Tell me about jeans. I feel like I’ve bought a new pair every 2 years only to grow too large for them (ugh, I’m trying to work on that.) I’m hoping I can keep my weight stable enough to actually wear out these jeans instead of me wearing out.

  3. Great post. I’m also out on the hunt for some workout gear seeing that getting in shape again is #1 on priority for new year’s resolutions.

    1. Yes! Now to actually stop balking at prices and checking some of these off my list…why is it so much easier to buy jeans than to drop good money on fitness (and shoes to protect my feet/joints/encourage a healthy, fulfilling lifestyle?)

      Good luck on your resolutions Joy! I’ll be rooting for you over here!

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