January isn’t even over yet and I’m already running top speed, literally. There have been many things to see, do, and check off!ย If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll see that on Saturday I went into Downtown Los Angeles for “Bringing Back Broadway,” a yearly event designed to highlight the revitalization of the Historic Broadway corridor in Los Angeles. In my opinion, the highlight of the event was when several of the theaters on Broadway were opened to the public for viewing, and there were docents on hand to talk about the history of each of the theaters. I’ll be showcasing some of my pictures from that event on my photo blog as soon as I finish editing them. My first love is photography, and art and architecture are favorite subjects. I live to see neat things!

Here’s what I wore Saturday (for the most part. Black Uniqlo Heattech long sleeved shirt not photographed.) I got this hand-me-down Uniqlo chambray shirt from a friend, so I got to profit! Last year it was too tight across the torso when fully buttoned but it seems to fit ok now, albeit a bit snug at the hips. Men’s shirts are not cut for curves, obviously. But it’s a nice almost-shirt jacket type top and it’s just easy to shrug on and off. The fabric’s a little rougher than I like but it’s not uncomfortable, and every successive wash seems to soften it up more.

Top: old Uniqlo men’s chambray shirt
Jeans: Uniqlo Ultra Stretch denim in navy

“If I could wear these jeans to work” has become my mantra lately. I am comfortable, covered and I can move in these. What more is there to say other than “so when can I get another pair?”


6 thoughts on “Checklist

  1. Love the chambray shirt, aren’t hand-me-downs the best? I have quite the bucket list for 2014 already, and it’s great to see you’ve been making headway on yours!

  2. I saw your pictures on Instagram, it soudned great! I have been to the downtown LA theatre last year, as the Ubisoft E3 press conference was held there. It is a very beautiful theater, it must be nice to actually see a play in there.

    I like your outfit a lot, it’s the kind I could be wearing too. I have the women’s version of the Uniqlo chambray shirt, it is a bit shorter, and, as you seem to be saying, probably made of a softer fabric. I don’t know about taking curves into account though. I think my main limit to buying shirts is the fact that, even on women’s fit, they seem to completely overlook the fact that we have hips and breasts.

    I have a darn expensive Hugo Boss shirt which did take curves into account, but unfortunately, with sports training, my shoulders got broader and it’s gotten too small. What a shame! I think it’s less of a problem on denim/chambray shirts though, as it isn’t really meant to be fitted, but rather worn as a topper/jacket.

    1. You got to go to E3! Oooh, what an experience! I’m gamer-adjacent (I don’t play much, but all my friends do.) So I have a vague idea of what it entails and I’ve been to other conventions over the years. I like the energy of the exhibit halls, and the buzz over new launches and such. How cool!

      I’ve seen a show at the Orpheum, and I’m hoping I can watch a movie or other performance inside one of the other theatres over the summer. The LA Conservancy does an old-film series in some of the theatres for free or for minimal charge, but last year I was late and a lot of the movies I wanted to see were sold out.

      Re: Uniqlo sizing–the women’s fit is very slim. I have a Medium in their oxford shirts and I swear, if I hadn’t lost weight, I would’ve needed a large just to get it buttoned (though the shoulders would have been too huge.) Very strange sizing! And yeah, on the denim and chambray thankfully the “in” fit is oversized, so it can be more forgiving. The hunt for a good “borrowed-from-the-boys” white oxford continues…I want one a la Katherine Hepburn that covers the butt for spring.

  3. I love the top, the oversized style looks good! Funnily enough my Uniqlo men’s shirt is one of the best-fitting shirts I own, probably because I have a manly sort of body (wider at the shoulders).

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