Auspicious beginning

I hate to follow such a boring formula, but life > blog reality. This weekend was packed with things to do. My theater photographs are done but I haven’t had time to post that, and when I did plan some time to shoot an OOTD, I ended up being called off somewhere to leave. Here I am making do with strange backgrounds while I was out on a “road trip” for work this weekend.


I took a examination for my work at this location that had several seemingly empty houses next to the administrative buildings. This house was on a slope so everything is just a little crooked. It’s been cooler lately in Southern California (thank goodness!) and we’re still waiting on some desperately needed rain. On Saturday, however, all we got was clear skies and a brisk wind, hence me hiding in my coat with the collar turned up.


This Lands End Luxe Wool Walker Coat is holding up really well. Remember my coat dilemma of 2013? I ended up keeping both. I should have really kept this one and sent back the Boiled Wool one which is pilling now. This coat, on the other hand, is warm as all get, doesn’t pill, and has a pile of pockets. Hope it keeps going for a few years yet!

After the exam was probably the best part of the weekend. I didn’t think I was going to have time to celebrate the Lunar New Year; I wanted to go to an outdoors festival but my exam date took precedence. So I called some friends and did the next best thing we could do: eat good food!

How soon can we meet again, Peking duck?

I wish you all a successful and prosperous Year of the Horse! Now to ride off triumphantly into the rest of the month. What have you got in store, February?


8 thoughts on “Auspicious beginning

  1. Simple and very put together, great outfit! We’d call it “soignรฉe” in French. Happy lunar year to you too, even if we haven’t really heard about it around here, except for Chinese food products on display in Supermarkets haha (any reason is good to sell stuff)

    1. ร‡a me rend trรจs heureuse, merci pour le compliment.

      (Pardon the rusty French! God, I just spent ten minutes trying to say “ca fait dix ans que j’ai etudie le francais” and I was like do I say “il y avait presque dix ans que…+subjonctif of etudier…le francais?” Do I use the subjunctive for that type of sentence? I forget, gah!)

      I would imagine France doesn’t have much of an Asian population. You gotta love that marketing drive though–anything to sell product! I’m sure those who knew about the Lunar New Year would have definitely noted or even appreciated the supermarket’s inclusion of the holiday into their sales.

  2. The food here looks really good. But I am intrigued by the duck dish. We usually have little paper thin pancakes to wrap the duck in – what are those white puffy things surrounding the duck?

    And a very belated Happy Chinese New Year to you on here. I think I also wished you on Instagram.

    1. I had to look up Peking duck on Wikipedia to find the pancakes you mentioned. The buns on the plate are of the same rice flour (?) as the steamed pork buns/char siu bao in dimsum, except these buns are cut in the middle.

      It might be a regional difference based on where the cooks are from, at least those of them who’ve opened up restaurants in Southern California. My Taiwanese-American friends explained to me that you are to grab some duck meat/skin, green onion, and a bit of the hoisin sauce on top. I’ve yet to have it pancake/wrap style, but that sounds interesting as well!

      You did wish me happy Chinese New Year. Thank you! One day I want to learn Mandarin; I think it would make travel in Asia very interesting!

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