Bonjour and welcome to another episode of “Black and Uniqlo, again?”

Call it what you will–a more body-con variation on the Steve Jobs look (RIP), or plain ol’ boring, but this look has served me well. Granted, the Heattech is thin, and asking it to be a real shirt is probably stretching it–literally–sometimes I notice in photographs it gets a bit too sheer across the chest. Ahem. I usually toss a sweater on top of this, but I’ve also gone out with it as the main event + jacket.

Acquisitions 2014, Jan-Feb update:

February was a month of expenditures.

– 3 Luxlight v-neck sweaters (navy, gray, and black)

– Lunarglide 5+ running shoes

– Adidas climalite sport performance socks

– 2 pairs of Ultra Stretch denim (navy, black)

Running shoes and socks were a must for my health goals–my old pair of Lunarglides were dead and were giving me shin pain; I’d worn several socks bare and ended up throwing out almost three pairs due to holes all in the same area–the ball of my foot. These were well-needed replacement purchases. The Gap sweaters were a debated purchase, but after much patience and stalking I was able to secure them for 40% off and they are very useful for this transitional weather we’re having in CA. It’s been a warm winter, but the offices are always cold. The sweaters are just enough warmth with a Heattech layer underneath them, and I like that they’re easy to wear for business or casual.

As for the Ultra Stretch, these were a bit of a luxury buy as I do not have much opportunity to wear denim during my usual schedule. Though my workplace doesn’t have much of a dress code, I am attempting to stay away from jeans unless it’s Friday (which is tacitly “casual” if I go by what my boss wears on Fridays.) There’s no hard and fast law saying no denim, but it is still a conservative environment. I wore almost this exact ensembleย just this past Friday except with boots.

March is already here. I don’t think I’ve ever felt that time has moved so fast! How is your month going?


17 thoughts on “Basics

    1. I tried some inserts in store, but maybe I just didn’t spend enough time in them–they felt too cushy on the heel and I just need a teeny bit more arch support. I’ll have to keep hunting!

      I hope Uniqlo does well for a long time–it’s basically replaced the Gap/JCrew for me.

      1. Hmm. I see. I have practically flat feet so maybe that is a difference-maker.
        I haven’t shopped Uniqlo outside of Asia because I hate paying for shipping, but I’m moving near San Fran soon so I can’t wait to shop there more~~

    1. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ no blisters!

      These ones are really comfy and I like the slight compression. Only time will tell how fast I will wear these down…please at least last a year!

  1. That’s a very nice outfits, all the items seem to work very well with each other! I think you’re right to be careful about getting proper sneakers for sports, it makes a world of difference for comfort but also for health (bad sneakers can have negative effects on the back for example). How do you find the Uniqlo ultra stretch denim? I like buying from them because they shorten the pants for free in less than an hour…

    1. I love, love the Ultra Stretch line. Not sure that I’d crown them the “best pair of jeans under $40” but they’re very nearly close! You’re so lucky to have the in-store hemming available near you. My local Uniqlo isn’t slated to open until fall of this year and I haven’t seen construction start at the location it’s supposed to be in, so who knows when it will actually open?

      But yeah, I might have purchased 4 pairs already ๐Ÿ˜› I am losing weight fairly rapidly so I’ve already gone down two sizes. I think I need to switch to more lifting and eating a little bit more again so I can build muscle.

    1. Thank you Gigi! It’s a work in progress. The real challenge is how long can I keep it off, and is the habit going to stick? I’m motivated to keep this level of fitness for as long as I can.

      And I believe I read Hollywood and South Coast Plaza should be getting one this year–fall was the last thing I read. I’m eagerly monitoring South Coast Plaza, but there’s no action at any of the empty areas yet ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. all that working out is paying off! you look amaze here ๐Ÿ™‚

    is it weird i have my black heattech top on today? i notice if you size up they don’t do that sheer thing as much. i have a bunch in different sizes but usually go for the XL/XXL one if I’m not layering. i usually take a US6. i’m just in love with the fabric! and the fact that it always comes out of my washer/dryer unscathed even after 2 years of continuous abuse. how much more can you ask from a $15 top! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thank you very much Steph–you made my night ๐Ÿ™‚

      Not at all! Since I’m losing weight now the Heattech is beginning to be just a smidge loose all over, so that might help with the sheerness.

      I love Heattech and so far I could sing it’s praises. Granted I only really used it in our very mild winters here in CA, but I think it is a decently priced base layer. It might need beefing up in colder countries though.

  3. Oh, I thought I’d left a comment but it’s not here. Anyway, I wanted to say that I totally hear you about having a Uniqlo love in. I’m having a bit of thing with it at the moment and I’ve just started investigating their jeans – says the girl sat with 5 pairs scattered around her trying to work out which pair to keep! The fit and the finishes overall look good – I just need to make a decision so I can shorten them and get wearing! I’m trying to decide between a lighter shade for the summer or just a dark blue. Not easy!

    And to echo everyone else – your weight loss is going great guns. You look fantastic. If only I had your will power to drag my butt out the door ….

    1. Oooh, what did you get Sue? Get the light blue if it fits right! Uniqlo’s always got the standard navy throughout the year, but a good light blue that doesn’t look cheesy is worth the purchase.

      You have the willpower and motivation within you. Come and virtually train with me! I’m doing wall sits at work and I can plank under my desk at breaks! All it takes is 30 seconds to start…then 40, then soon you’re up to a minute ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. This was the pair that started it all and they are a good fit apart from the extra 8-9 inches I have to cut off the ends :o( but that’s par for the course with me and jeans. They are actually a fraction lighter in real life than they appear on the website. I was hoping they were more true to the onscreen colour which is why they have me all a dither. And then I just went a bit crazy ordering different styles and finishes just to make sure that I’d really covered off all that I wanted.

    Oh and Kristina, the exercise bit – I will think of you being all good and stuff whilst I drink my tea in the morning. I am so not an exercise person. I used to get pushed round the cross country route by the gym teacher at school!

    1. I’m curious about those. Are they truly skinny? Or does it taper out to more of a straight leg at the ankle? If you have fit pictures I’d appreciate them!

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