I am back from a most successful weekend of gorging on delicious food, spending time with excellent people, and being inspired by beautiful places. Monday was a holiday and so I had a three-day weekend. I decided to take some time to go visit some of my family. My cousin is home from school on break so we hung out a lot, talked up a storm, giggled over many silly things, and ate our way through the weekend.

On Sunday we started off the day at Marugame Monzo in Little Tokyo, where we had creamy udon. This is a miso carbonara udon with strips of thick-cut bacon mixed in. The “soup” is like a runny cream sauce and it is quite rich.


The Arts District is less than a mile away from Little Tokyo, so we walked around for a little bit admiring the murals and buildings in the area. Though we were too full to drink, we dropped by Angel City Brewery to look at what was on tap and to check out some of the art on display in the pub.

“You stand over there! I’ll be over here! Did the camera go off?”

While we didn’t have room for beer, we eventually did stop by Pie Hole for dessert and lugged our treasure off to Handsome Coffee Roasters for an afternoon snack.

Mexican chocolate pie and an espresso + milk.

Luckily for me, there are an equally huge amount of tourists and locals toting cameras about town shooting all sorts of things, so loitering in alleyways isn’t strange. There’s five other people waiting for the same shot. Here’s what I sported for a day around the city:

Sweater: Gap Luxlight V-neck sweater
Jeans: Uniqlo Ultra Stretch Jeans in navy
Shoes: old Nike Lunarglide 4+

I’ve been living in these sweaters + Heattech for the last two months. This layering scheme + a scarf has worked for me decently in 65-70F temperatures. The Gap sweater is holding up OK–I machine wash gentle in cold water and lay it out to dry–I don’t see any pilling, though the navy version has faded somewhat. It will still pass for work/play wear. I might get another black one as insurance, but it is a low-priority purchase at this point.

On Monday I donned the light gray version of the same sweater for an excursion to the Getty Villa.


This is my attempt at decorating “ancient Greek pottery” in the Kids Room at the Villa. I am lucky that my friends patiently humor my whims. We discovered the kids room after wandering around the museum. The “pottery” is some high quality heavy plastic replicas of wine jugs, cups, bowls, and vases that can be drawn on with whiteboard marker. There were other hands-on displays but this was probably my favorite of the bunch.

I don’t have a lot of photographs of the grounds but here is a panorama of one of the courtyards in this beautiful museum overlooking the Malibu shoreline:


It was a beautiful day to be out–sunny but cool. An almost perfect day to lounge about the benches and talk and admire the wonderful sculptures and work that went into building the museum, which is designed to be a replica of a Roman villa.

I’m still elated from having spent such a good time with my family and seeing many beautiful places. Only a few more days until I can unwind and explore some more!


14 thoughts on “R&R

  1. the museum looks incredible! but um, that creamy udon.. omg. WANT. funnily enough i had a tomato, mozzarella and parmesan ramen last night at this place called ramen ikkyu – it’s really highly rated and that was the special of the day so i thought, why not? It was like eating ramen and bolognese and pizza at the same time.. so much cheese!! i would totally smash a carbonara udon!

    1. Wait…whaaaaaaaaaat. How did you get through that cheese?!

      You would love the creamy udons at Marugame Monzo–they’re really their signature dish. And there was also a duck udon that sounded compelling.

  2. That sounds like a fantastic week-end. These japanese carbonara-style udon noodles look absolutely delicious. It’s quite an idea to add bacon to that type of dish, I’ll do it next time I cook ramen at home!

    1. They used thick-cut bacon, but by the time you get the soup it’s soaked in the carbonara sauce, so I actually thought I was eating ham for a second!

  3. Carbonara udon? That sounds crazy, i think I’d love it haha. Looks like you had an amazing weekend! Love your ancient Greek pottery design, haha!

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