Blue for spring.

It’s been warm enough lately that I’ve foregone the wool coat at work and I’m starting to delve back into buttondowns and my loafers and flats instead of boots. I’ve been wearing some iteration of the outfit below; I’ve paired some sort of blue/white shirt with patterned socks and penny loafers. This was yesterday’s outfit for work:

Shirt: JCrew Factory Classic button-down in gingham
Pants: altered Target Mossimo ankle pants
Socks: Uniqlo Heattech 2-pair crew socks
Shoes: Cole Haan Laurel moccasin (in black)

This shirt has served me well though it is much more casual than I’d like because of the rumply tendencies of the cotton lawn fabric. Here you can see the altered Target pants (I’ve been keeping the seamstress busy)–can’t really tell where anyhow–it’s just the waist band at this point. The knees do sag in these pants with stretch, so the line isn’t as elegant as I would like, but I’m trying to slow down on clothing expenditures to divert my resources to travel.

What tickles my fancy the most is having those fun socks peeking out at the space between my pants and shoes. I opted to go tonally similar but the socks are a plain blue/white mini stripe which sort of blends nicely with the check/gingham. Next time I’m going to figure out a sock+shirt combination with a little more color contrast mixed in. I like doing menswear-inspired outfits for work because it’s easy and comfortable to wear, not to mention I feel pretty darn dapper with colorful socks on.

I can’t wait for mild sunny days with a cool breeze! What are you most looking forward to this spring?


9 thoughts on “Blue for spring.

  1. Love your outfit, I’d totally wear this! I keep trying to do the fun socks peeking out thing but somehow it just doesn’t work for me, haha. Maybe I’m not working with the right socks!

    1. You have to get some floodwater pants, lol! I kid. I’m wearing ankle pants that have somewhat shrunk and for some reason they kind of just hike up on my legs and show way too much foot. Well if I cover said foot with silly socks, it sort of works in a professorly way!

  2. I hear you on socks matching! I discovered this a year ago or so, pairing simple pants with oxfords and matching discreet patterns of socks with the rest of the outfit. At the time I got a great set of socks at Uniqlo: one with polka dots, one with mini stripes and one with triangles of sorts (like the ones you instagrammed recently). I mostly use them in Autumn and winter though, spring makes me want to wear my shoes without socks.

    What I’m usually looking forward most is to be able to wear my leather jackets again, usually too thin for the heart of the winter and too heavy for the summer. We had a very mild winter in France this year though, so I’ve been wearing them constantly. Still looking forward to leather strapped sandals and nail polished toes ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I want to see your leather jackets! Might we be able to see them on Instagram? ๐Ÿ™‚

      Speaking of nail polished toes, I need to re-do mine. I’ve been lazy and tired after work lately so these poor piggies are starting to chip.

      I am looking forward to wearing my white sundress out! But I’m of not hardy constitution and I still shiver at the high 60F temperatures, so I’ll have to wait a little longer.

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