I’ve been escaping to the shore every weekend.

Sunset at Huntington Beach Pier.

It just ends up being that way. I dragged my friend out onto the pier on Saturday for dinner and a lazy stroll. It was a good way to get some relief from the weather (last week was high 80s – mid 90s for us here in Southern California.) It’s about fifteen degrees cooler out by the water, and it was so relieving to not feel like you were in an oven for an afternoon. I sunk my ankles into the ocean; the water was startling but a welcome respite from the hot sand.

Street shows abound along the boardwalk.

This is very Californian–we are very casual. Then again it’s a typical beach scene. But at some point I think most young guys growing up in my town have worn boardshorts as real shorts. I’ve worn bikini tops as underwear in a pinch, and in high school and college I had a towel, flip flops, and sunscreen in my car on any given day. I didn’t surf, but I swam at the school aquatics complex a lot, and there were a few summers where I got into bodyboarding (I’m not very good at it though.)

No makeup/windblown selfie on the pier.

I feel a lot happier when I’m out near the water. I think that much is evident by how often I come to these places. I am very glad I bought that parking pass–boy am I getting my money’s worth out of it. If I’m ever in doubt of what I’m doing for the weekend, going to the beach is a ready solution to “I’m bored.”

Cliffs at Crystal Cove State Park.

On Sunday I went to Crystal Cove for a leisurely hike with friends. This was my first time to these cliffs and rocks. I usually head south of the coast toward Laguna Beach, but with my friends we were able to adventure to this little cave and out onto the rocks beyond. It was fun looking through the tidepools! We saw a very small crab scuttle across the sand, but no hermit crabs or sea anemones on this trip.

On the rocks. Shaken not stirred?

I want to become strong and lithe enough to not be afraid to go exploring. I’ve got a long ways to go to earn my “billy goat” badge, but with time and much training I will be better!

Hope everyone’s weekends went well. How do you spend your off-time–are you an indoors or outdoors person?


11 thoughts on “Shoreline

  1. These are beautiful and serene landscapes, I understand how attractive the shoreline can be. That looks like vacation really, this is very fortunate for you to have access to this beauty on a daily basis, you are very right to enjoy it ๐Ÿ™‚

    Like you, I enjoy spending my off-time as “a tourist in my own town”, we tend to forget too easily the beauties of the places we live in everyday. I engage in a lot of indoors activities as well though, like writing, reading, playing the violin, writing letters or playing video games. I like a good balance between energic walks across the city or in the country, and calmer, thought-nurturing indoors stuff.

    1. I’d love to see your wanderings and your France the way you see it. It does seem like vacation, doesn’t it? I forget that I live in a place that people spend money to come and see. In college I started to think about going out but school + lack of funds kept me homebound most weekends. Now that I have a bit more free time, there’s practically no excuse to be outside ๐Ÿ™‚

      I want to figure out something to do at home that isn’t eating, sleeping or blogging. Even when I get home and I’m sitting down, I’m editing photos (which IS relaxing to me) or engaging in blog-related activities (which I don’t mind, but is kind of a “business” or work mode for me.) I work out at home, or dance in my room?

      Haha, neither are very calm activities. I want to work on this.

  2. Looks like you had fun ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve made it my mission to go to the seaside more, sometimes I forget that not everyone has such easy access to the beach!

    1. Jane, your beaches look neat too! Please post more of that area where your friend Wai Lam was sitting. That looks terrifying and amazing; I want to scamper up those rocks!

      1. Haha! I think my picture made it look scarier that it actually was – it’s pretty accessible off the path, you don’t have to do any climbing. Not that I was going to go anywhere near the edge, I’m terrified of heights :s

  3. Spring, fall and winter, I am very outdoorsy. In the summer it gets gross in DC, so I used to just stay inside; but since I started riding my bike everywhere, suddenly I go out in the summer far more. I think it’s the built in breeze that comes with biking. I’d probably go out more in the summer if I lived near the coast or further north.

    1. I can relate. My mom used to live in Maryland and we’d go visit her in the summers. I just parked myself next to the AC and I basically gave up on moving around.

  4. oh that blue sky looks incredible. love these photos. really envying the weather over there right now! in summer our weekends are mostly outdoors, in winter not so much ๐Ÿ˜‰ the weather can be quite wet and windy, not the most fun!

    1. We’re supposed to get hit with another round of high 90’s-into the 100s next week. You know where I’ll be after work and on the weekends, haha!

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