As of late

This week is dragging but after today it will be Fourth of July and a three-day weekend for most of us in the United States. I’m looking forward to BBQ, time off, and hopefully some sleep!

Running has taken up a significant part of my recent life. I think it’s good for me, as I always have thoughts racing (ha) in my head. Moving my body and getting outdoors calms all of that down enough for me to be able to work properly during the day, plus it also means I can pretend to be a teenager again like so:

I first wore a crop top when I was 12. I had my first rash of pimples on my cheeks, but I felt awesome in my teal blue crop tee and mega flares, because this was the late 90’s and I wanted to be Ginger Spice.

Top: H&M Divided crop top
Skirt: Cotton On textured mini
Shoes: Nike Lunarglide 5+ in volt/gray/silver

I’m very much into this sporty/dressy revival at the moment. I’m glad that my beloved tennis shoes are taking center stage, and that there’s all sorts of schools of style on the subject. There’s the Nike Flyknit/Frees/Roshe Run folks, the New Balance people, the Supergas/Converses/Jack Purcell/Vans folks or Common Projects if you have $$$ to blow on canvas shoes. It’s super comfortable and practical and very me! I like the idea of being put together but practicality and comfort will always come first in my mind. Now that sneakers are ย “on trend” then my way of thinking is ร ย la mode–what more can a silly kid like me wish for?

Hope you all have a lovely (holiday) weekend! I hope I can jump into the pool at some point in the next few days; I anticipate eating a lot of barbecue and cake ๐Ÿ™‚


10 thoughts on “As of late

    1. Thank you Joy, I really appreciate that. It’s both stress-relieving and also a challenge to myself–I don’t know when I internalized “I’m bad at sports” but I’m going to change that by proving myself wrong.

  1. love this. so simple, so good. i wear sneakers/trainers 4 out of 5 working days so i’m definitely with you on practicality and comfort! currently eyeing off the raf simons adidas sneaks i know i won’t fork out for, haha.

    1. You’re inspiring me with all the gray knits and black minis! โค

      I notice I've been looking at Tumblr inspiration and giving it my own interpretation lately.

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