Acquisitions: July 2014

And so the month comes to a close–I think I did pretty well on curbing my shopping urges. Here’s what made it into the wardrobe for July:

Muji short-sleeved poplin shirt
Camper Nina Right flats
Zara crop sweater and Uniqlo AIRism tank

Not photographed: Bite Beauty High Pigment Pencil in Bramble

The shoes were probably the biggest purchase of the month, but that’s to be expected–those last longer than knits and tees. They’re fairly comfortable, though I suppose I did end up having some slight sore spots as my foot got adjusted to the suede sole. The lipstick was my small concession to vanity–I’ve had an image of plummy/wine lips for a while and I wanted to try it out. I like Bite’s formula and low-scent profile (waxy plasticky smelling makeup is the worst.)

Kali wrote a post on how her shopping fast is progressing and while I’m not doing the same, I’m trying to identify the reasons why I buy what I buy, and doing several things to help me prioritize purchases. I’m a big fan of writing lists and checking it before going out to shop–it includes clothing as well as non-fashion items. I put them all in one list so I can see where my money needs to go. For the most part none of the items are urgent needs, but as the month progresses and stuff breaks down/gets lost/or a new need develops, putting items on a list means I focus only on sourcing those items and making decisions on that group instead of being distracted by browsing the Internet or while casually shopping through a store. It’s helped me to be really sartorially picky. It’s very rare now that I will buy a piece of clothing on the first store visit. I try stuff to find my size, check the fabric care instructions, then go home and online to see if I can optimize my purchase with coupons/cash back/deals (especially with big-chain retailers that are notorious for weekly sales *cough*Gap*cough*) I find that giving myself a modicum of a week or so to research a purchase allows me to walk away from it if it wasn’t the best choice, and if I AM interested then the additional time is good to evaluate its potential use in the closet and to try and find the best deal for it.

I anticipate needing these skills as the fall merchandise comes out over the next three months. I will be susceptible to Uniqlo’s sweaters (I already tried on a few in-store and I know what colors and size I want) and replacing my oversized button-downs (hello donation pile!) I’m also still searching for black slacks for work and a serviceable soft blazer (ponte, not wool, unlined or partial lining only.)

What’s on your list of upcoming purchases for the next month? Can you identify where you’re going to be spending the bulk of your sartorial budget for the upcoming season?


18 thoughts on “Acquisitions: July 2014

  1. I think it’s so cool you plan your shopping ahead, I cannot do that, I’m a mess with shopping although I’ve been really good. I challenged myself not to shop as much and I barely do anymore.
    I have a fashion blog if you’d like to check it out:

  2. It’s very interesting to see you refine your style over time as you share your purchases and outfits on the blog. You also seem to be more confident as time passes. Be careful with Uniqlo knits though – not that I want to push you to consumption, but at least in Paris basics run out of size very quickly and usually get replaced by other things vs being restocked. That’s a very well-known marketing technique to make consumers hurry with their purchases, mind you. The sense of scarcity ๐Ÿ™‚

    As you know personally I haven’t anything planned for purchase next season, but I’m planning to alter a couple of things from my own closet – a wool blazer which sleeves are too long, a couple of pairs of pants (also too long). I’m also planning to save money to have a blazer/suit jacket tailor made, for I find this is typically the type of garment that has to be exactly adapted to your body shape. I don’t know how much that costs so I’m assuming I’ll save some money for another 8 months or so ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I’m hoping I can hold off on those sweaters. The merino wool texture is not my favorite and I’d really prefer to be able to wear it against my skin, so there’s already a few cons against that sweater in general. Also, it won’t be cold enough to reliably wear them until late October–so I’m hoping time is my friend and will help lessen that urgency to buy now.

      A bespoke jacket sounds amazing; I can’t wait to read about your future tailoring adventure!

    2. Also, thank you for your kind words up above–I completely glossed over them when I first read it, hehe. I do feel more confident with what I’ve been wearing lately–a lot of it has to do with accepting my adult body type (hourglass, if you will) and of course, exercise. But really accepting that certain cuts or shapes won’t work for my body type (or rather, will disguise or be less ideal for me) has helped me find what does work, and apparently it’s more feminine shapes such as pencil skirts, close-fitting tops, and plenty of v-necks. It’s quite a lot of change for a tomboy, but I think it goes with the life I’m living now. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Such introspection today. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Oh I love the short sleeve button down you got, it’s so cute!

    I never buy things I see the first time either. I usually wait for it to go on sale and hope that my size is still left. I’ve found that most of the time I actually forget I ever wanted it, haha! I’m susceptible to spontaneous purchases when I’m travelling, though, so most of the things at the back of my wardrobe are from my shopping sprees overseas.

    1. Right? There’s something neat about the memory that goes along with the souvenir, and I’m not much of a trinket/tchotchke person so I prefer wearable goods.

      I’ve been meaning to wear the Muji shirt to work more but it’s too wrinkled to be presentable in. I think I’m going to iron up a storm later this week and have some crisp shirts as rewards! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I am always on the lookout for comfortable shoes (I’m a teacher and basically on my feet all day) and those Camper flats are all kinds of amazing. I really like the yellow & khaki. They are outside my price range right now, but maybe soon…
    xx Abby a geek tragedy

    1. Note on the Camper flats: something about the suede sole is giving me some chafing/pressure points on the balls of my feet. Just a heads up. Otherwise they’re very flexible, but maybe I just need to build up some tougher skin on my poor feet.

  5. The Muji top looks good, and I like the narrow collar too. Don’t even get me started on gap/BR’s in-store locators that are rarely accurate or when certain things you want are never available in any store! ugh! For black pants, if gap still makes those slim crops. I found them to run true to size (or running small for gap) and wear/wash well. I got rid of mine as this ankle pant business is not for me. I think we’re going to see a lot of these knit blazers/jackets without a lining in the fall season. I saw one I really liked, but fortunately for my wallet the fit was no good on me.

    I have a never ending list of stuff I want. I’m taking advantage of the tax free weekend this august and bought some simple basics & cheap thrills <$25 from F21. Like Kali, I have alterations and shoe repairs that need taking care of. And when/where I decide to get my little red box remains to be seen…

    1. The in-store locators can be quite misleading. My favorite is when they say “limited availability,” which is code word for it’s not here and the system hasn’t been updated in 4 days. On a side note, their reserve-in-store program (at least for Gap) has been pretty solid for me. They saved a couple sports bras in my size for me to try on and the process was pretty painless. Would recommend.

      I’m looking forward to pants shopping this fall. I’ll have to look at their slim crops soon (right now it’s too stupid hot to even consider wearing pants.)

      Little red box?

  6. ooh lipstick! I think that color would look great with your neutral clothing palette. I need a winter jacket/coat. I’m thinking this is the year I’m finally going to spring for a puffer. I’ve always kind of hated them but they look so warm and last winter was so cold. Hopefully I can find a quilted one so I’ll look slightly less like a beetle.

    1. That last line cracked me up! I wouldn’t have ever thought of a beetle, but I guess you’re right–some puffers that aren’t evenly sectioned might make some areas look bigger than they seem. I’ve been tempted to get a Uniqlo ULD vest (we don’t get as cold as you guys do in DC) but there’s something about the side panels in the last two years’ models that made me (in my opinion) look chunkier than I really am. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

  7. I agree on giving yourself some time to think about a purchase. Sometimes during that time it will sell out, so I take it as a sign that I wasn’t supposed to buy it ^.^ Or you’ll find a sweet coupon or such, which is always the best. I should probably do a shopping fast sometime >.<

    1. I agree. Sometimes random sales pop up while I’m waiting and then all of a sudden that item is now 40% off! and if I’m lucky it’s an online and in-store item and the physical locations themselves sometimes have their own additional sales.

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